Clay Aiken – Ready To WOW The World

The last week of September, 2011…it just might go down as one of the most joyous times for fans of Clay Aiken.  After months of quiet, Clay has re-emerged, sounding rested, excited and ready to WOW the world!

After a blog with lots of information on Monday, it was announced on Wednesday that Clay would be hosting his second live video chat.  The event is scheduled for Friday, October 7, at 8:30pm EST and is for Official Fan Club members only.

So…start collecting your questions for Clay.  You can submit them ahead of time in the Campaigns section of the OFC.  If you cannot make the chat this time, it will be recorded and posted so it can be seen at a later date.  For more information about the video chat, please visit the OFC for the details.

Are you going to submit a question?

On Wednesday, Digital Music News reported about the Scion Music (less) Music Conference that is taking place in Los Angeles right now.

The topic I found very interesting was titled:

 How Artists Deal With All the Hate…

 To have a discussion about the topic of hate must mean that it is a concern for many musicians.  The following are some of the points reported on DMN:

  • The Internet is full of hate.
  • Technology has totally amplified the level of hate being directed at the artist and their work.
  • If you grow large enough, you will get lots of hate.
  • The haters are the most vocal, and tend to drown out those that truly appreciate the performer.
  • People only have the courage to do it on the Internet and it’s coming from people who are on the Internet 17 hours a day.
  • There’s definitely a lot of hate on Twitter.
  • Hate does play in the development of artists – and it tests a performers creative resolve.
  • There should be some honesty in the form of feedback.  It can be immensely valuable…if the artist can take it.

Artist who put their heart and soul into their music should not have to read so much hatred.  I am always appalled when I read some of the comments written about so many celebrities.  I just don’t understand.  To me it is just anonymous bullying.  I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to read even one hateful post.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Ready To WOW The World

  1. I'm so excited for the next video chat. It will be fun for sure and I'm hoping we'll maybe get a little more info. (not pushing , of course!)

    I think Clay has the right idea in dealing with the hate…ignore, ignore and ignore. He's always handled himself with class and intelligence.

  2. Clay doing another video chat is fantastic and also the blog was exciting with all of the new
    possibilities in the future!

    I can't even imagine so many being so mean – there are a lot of unhappy people wanting to make
    others unhappy, too! So sad!

  3. Very excited about that chat–willl not be able to watch in real time, so I'm glad they'll put it up on the OFC to be watched later. I am still enjoying the last chat–have watched many times.
    I'm not very good at thinking up questions, so I will leave that to others.

  4. Exciting news about the chat. Clay sounded very excited about a couple of changes being made in the next few weeks regarding the OFC.
    Interesting read about How Artist Deal With Hate. I will have to follow the link you have in your blog.
    I just wonder if these haters would be so bold to say the things that spew on the internet directly to the artist's face? I doubt it. But then again – they are crazy anyway.

  5. Ready for Clay and what is in store for us in 2011-2012!! Exciting!!
    This quote from DMN regarding hate & bullying is so telling:
    "People only have the courage to do it on the Internet and it’s coming from people who are on the Internet 17 hours a day."

  6. I submitted my silly questions and cannot wait for announcements, video chat and changes!!! It's all good!

    Hate is the flip side of love – these people have an emotional attachment to whoever they are hating on just as much as any fan. The internet has opened up a lot of wonderful opportunities to learn, to share, to connect with people around the world – unfortunately, it has also opened the door for those who hate because they can be cowards and do so under anonymity. It's not just musicians, it's everyone – even every day people.

  7. Yes, I am very excited about the Video Chat and all the changes to the OFC. Submitted my questions today. I am very proud of that…if I do say so myself. I hope he answers some of them. I will be there listening and watching that handsome man very intently.

    As far as the haters. You can go on any site…and you will find it brimming over with hatred. I do think they are very unhappy people who have nothing better to do with their lives. Clay has the best philosophy…..just ignore!

  8. I'm excited as well about the video chat. And of course some changes at the OFC.

    As far as the haters are concerned…they are everywhere. I have no idea of why they spend so much time hating on people…I just cannot imagine wasting my time on things that are not important to me…only to try to get people upset. They seriously have major problems. Clay is correct, and he has been from day one: ignore…ignore… They are bullies, and try to get a rise out of people. If you ignore..they have lost their edge.

  9. I submitted a few questions, but I'm not optomistic that any will get chosen this time . I've read some questions other fans submitted and there are some really good ones. I'm betting the next chat will be just as great as the first one.

  10. Can someone please help me join the fanclub? I have been trying now for 8 months.I do not know what to do. Is there a mailing address anyone knows of, or phone number?I was a member since it started until 2007 due to a disability I did not have the money.But things are much better now,but I cannot get pass the part that you have to reprint the word.Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help e-mail address is

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