Clay Aiken -A Big Thank You!

Clay Aiken fans just have to be some of the best people around.  These wonderful people do not hesitate to share their “Clack” without any hesitation.  On Thursday, two fans were able to send pictures and videos out to the ClayNation.  These two great ladies stood out in the rain and got pictures and then ran home and spent the time to get the clack on-line.

A big thank you to Clayphan and CrazyAboutClay.  Your enthusiasm and hard work is appreciated by all of us!!

The following pictures were take on Thursday by CrazyAboutClay…in the rain!!

Taping Studio

What's In The Box?

On The Bus

Talk and Removing Mics

Please...What's In The Box??

Are We Finished Now?


Don’t forget to watch Clayphan’s videos.  They are linked here in one of yesterday’s posts.

I hope we get more information tomorrow.  As before, I will post any pictures, videos, or news as soon as I see it!!

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  1. Clay does have very dedicated fans! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us and thanks to Musicfan123 for all your work too. 🙂

  2. These pics are so appreciated ! Nice work by these fans – it's getting more exciting by the day!
    So looking forward to watching this show!!!!

  3. Thanks CrazyAboutClay for sharing these photos of Clay. We appreciate you standing in the rain to keep us up to date on our guy, Clay. Hope you don't have to stand in the snow tomorrow in NY!

  4. Thanks to you and our dedicated clack gatherers for keeping us up to date. Clay really didn't think we wouldn't find out, did he? Unfortunately, we will have to wait for Clay's "soon" to see the show! 😉

    • Kay…….I don't think any of us know the exact time the show will start on TV. In years past if has been in February or March. I sure can't wait!!

  5. *What's In The Box?* It has been noted that in yesterday's videos and pictures, six of the men in Team Unanimous were sort of uniformly dressed in grey or black jackets and blue shirts.
    In video #3, when Clay comes off the bus, and he is showing what is in the box, the man there lifts out a blue item. Could be an unopened blue shirt or maybe some advertisement items to be used in the Buick task presentation. Just a thought or two.

    I also add my thank you to Clayphan and CrazyAboutClay for their extraordinary efforts in obtaining the clack we have all been hoping for. They are much appreciated.

  6. Thanks Clayphan and CrazyAboutClay!! Love the pictures and video. Thanks for posting Musicfan 🙂

  7. Yes…….Clay fans are always so caring. I love that the pictures and videos were shared and I love that CANN puts them up so quickly. Thank you all!

    I hope Clay is having a great time!!

  8. Again….I really want to thank the wonderful ladies who took the pictures and videos. Clayphan and CrazyAboutClay….I hope you know how much we appreciate what you did!!

  9. Thanks so much Clayphan and CrazyAboutClay for going out in the rain…and getting these fine pictures of Clay. I only wish I lived there…I would be more than happy to spy…er…I mean report on Clay. Just a little humor there. We appreciate all of you!!!

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