Clay Aiken – Winter Coats and Gloves!

Start spreading the news,
I’m leaving today.
I want to be a part of it –
New York, New York.

These vagabond shoes
Are longing to stray
And step around the heart of it
New York, New York.

The news from Celebrity Apprentice was slow to arrive on Friday.  It wasn’t until the afternoon that a few “Tweets” showed up…

Celeb sightings to and from work today near union sq: clay aiken and penn of penn and teller. What is going on? #NYC
Okay, I wasn’t tripping. I just ran into Arsenio Hall as I walked out of AI Friedman. Must be shooting film.
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So…Union Square

Union Square is at the vibrant heart of New York City, a dynamic center of food, fashion, culture, and cutting-edge businesses. Home to the City’s oldest Greenmarket, a beautiful historic park, and hundreds of the best restaurants and shops, it is the ultimate New York neighborhood destination and The New York Times describes the area as “booming” and “on a roll.”

Well…this place certainly sounds like a great place for Celebrity Apprentice to stage a project.  Perhaps the celebrities had a project at The famous Union Square Cafe, or had to shop at Whole Foods Market…OR…could they be working with Danny Meyer, one of the great American restaurateurs of his generation. His Union Square Hospitality Group owns three of the Zagat Guide’s top five fine-dining establishments on the island of Manhattan. 

Whatever their project, I hope the celebrities brought their winter coats and gloves….who would think that there would be “SNOW” before Halloween!!

Weather for New York, NY


45 °F


100% chance of precipitation

Saturday Night

34 °F


90% chance of precipitation 

Union Square With Snow

The following are some of the wonderful pictures that were posted late Friday afternoon…

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Winter Coats and Gloves!

  1. Oh! WOW! – Terrific pictures of New York – but the Clay pictures are magnificent to say the least!!!
    How does he manage to take such incredible pictures everytime!! His eyes are amazing on
    every pic – but that last one is – – -there are no words!!! Thank you once again Musicfan – you
    bring the best!! 🙂 <3 <3

  2. Could Clay get any handsomer? Is too a word! Keep up the good work musicfan! You rock getting everything in one place for all to see!

  3. Burrrr! the Teams will have their work cut out for them today. Loving all the new Clay pictures and sighting reports. I'm sure Clay had no doubt that the Fandom would find his shooting locations. Love the Internet. He looks fantastic and oh, so sexy in the new pics.

    Thanks musicfan for starting off with my favorite NY song.

  4. Oh my goodness! That is all I can say after seeing these pictures, he looks so good!!!!!! Thank you SO much for posting. It’s great that you decided to go to New York, MusicFan! Have fun 🙂

  5. Just realized that at the top are lyrics! I thought you were really going to NYC….opps
    Still, great pictures. I agree, love the last one!

  6. `omg those pictures of clay he looks soo good and his eyes are amazing on the pictures how does clay aiken take so many incredable pictures

  7. Those latest photos of Clay are remarkable. He certainly is photogenic and looks quite handsome with his five o'clock shadow and slight mustache. One other thing that has me smiling though, is his gorgeous tie. The colors on it go so well with his shirt and those beautiful piercing eyes.

    Thanks musicfan. I just love observing the best of Clay.

  8. Clay is going to have to grow his hair longer to cover his ears to keep them warm! Those beautiful eyes looking right at us in the last photo…WOW. I'm going to look at my NYC map to see exactly where Clay was yesterday. Thanks for forwarding the photos, musicfan.

  9. Union Square is a great place to walk around…it has lots of restaurants in the area. Everybody should visit the Union Square Cafe. Its been there since 1985 and it is still very good!!

    AND, yes it is cold today.

    Thank you for the great pictures and the fun NY pictures too.

  10. Thank you for those gorgeous pictures of Clay. I have to agree…I think these are just about the best of all the pictures so far. But, of course, he did look mighty studly in that Sangwich Shop too. Lol!! I could swear that in a lot of his pictures…he looks right at you…as if he see's us. EEEEEE!

    I can't believe there is already snow in N.Y. too. Hope Clay dresses very warm..and keeps those ears warm too.

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