Clay Aiken – The Internet Exploded!

What do Piers Morgan, Clint Black, Sharon Osbourne, Bret Michaels, Marlee Matlin, and Clay Aiken all have in common?  Well, if you can believe People Magazine, they all have been or will be contestants on the TV show Celebrity Apprentice.

For the last few weeks, there have been rumors all over the Internet that Clay Aiken was going to join the cast at Celebrity Apprentice, but the news was limited to rumors and hints.  On Wednesday, wrote an article and named Clay and Debbie Gibson as members of the 12th season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Quickly, almost every news site on the net picked up the news.  Articles could be found on sites from CNN to PopWatch, from Broadway World to PopCrush. Clay’s name still elicits lots of buzz.

Posts overwhelmed Facebook and Twitter.  In fact, at about 8pm, Pacific Time, Clay was on the trending list on Twitter.  It was hard to keep up!!

So, for those of you who didn’t sign on to the Internet until late in the evening, I am listing some of the sites that had something to say about Clay and his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice.  – see the post before this

CNN Entertainment  –

They could have chosen any celebrity but they chose to show 2 pictures of Clay!!


Again…the picture they chose a picture of Clay!!

PopWatch –

This site rated the chances of a win on the show and had the following to say about Clay.

Clay Aiken
: Simon Cowell’s heart grew three sizes the day he first met Aiken. Surely, Trump’s heart — or, at least, his hair — will do the same, right? And if Celebrity Apprentice‘s history has proven anything, it’s that well-intentioned singers always have the advantage. (See: Previous winners Bret Michaels and John Rich.) Also, thanks to a degree from the University of North Carolina, Aiken may be one of the only contestants with a resumé that expands beyond pulling out rich ladies’ hair.
WeaknessesLeather. And Don McLean
: 2 to 1

BuddyTV –

Not the greatest article but an example of the importance of comments from readers.  The writer had to back-pedal for her “gay” remarks!!

PopCrush –

Not original, but, again a picture of Clay!!

Allieiswired –

Well, they used a picture from Tried & True and that is good.

BroadwayWorld –

A nice recap of the People article and a great picture of Clay at the after-party of BroadwayBackwards.

There are many others and I am sure there will be more today.  Keep a lookout and let me know if you find an interesting article.

Remember…hits and comments are important at the sites that write about Clay.  I am not encouraging over-the-top comments, but an acknowledgment that thanks the writer and site for writing about Clay is important.  Remember…these sites need our hits to let them know what is popular.  If the site gets lots of hits and people comment, they are apt to post about the celebrity again.  If they receive few hits and no comments they feel there is no interest and they will write about someone else the next time.

So…here we go!!  Lets keep the positive remarks about Clay on the Internet.  Just think of all the support we can give Clay in this adventure for his charity, The National Inclusion Project!!

Wow, Wednesday was quite a day!! It felt like the Internet had EXPLODED with Clay Aiken and that’s a good thing. It wore me out!!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Internet Exploded!

  1. You're right Musicfan, it's crazy trying to keep up with all the articles but we're lovin every minute of it! Good to see Clay in the news again. 🙂 Since it looks like this is probably true I'm wishing Clay the best on CA. I hope he shows the world the intelligent, articulate and kind person he is. Go Clay!

  2. Yep, Clay was all over the Internet yesterday and it looks like more of the same today, and I agree that is a GOOD thing 🙂 This is an exciting time for Clay and I am having fun reading all the articles and leaving positive comments. Best of Luck to Clay – I know he will do a fantastic job on the show!

  3. Clay is back in business – This is a chance for Clay to show what we have known all along. He
    is one intelligent, and caring person and I am happy and excited to see him on this show!!!
    He will be working for NIP – which is what he is all about. Leave it to Clay to get the Buzz going –
    because he is one interesting guy and people can't stay away from any news if he is a part of it!

  4. Yesterday was truly enjoyable and it was great to see Clay being the lead in on the vast majority of the articles. Here's hoping to a very successful run on Celebrity Apprentice! *getting out pom poms* Goooooooooo CLAY!!!!!!

  5. Clay certainly likes to try and get involved in many different types of entertainment, etc. So far he has been outstanding in all his endeavors. NIP is very dear to his heart, and it is great that he has decided to give Celebrity Apprentice a go. More ever, he will be raising money for NIP in an interesting and entertaining way. I am looking forward to watching him a lot on my TV. I am sure he will shine like the star he is. It's going to be a blast.

  6. Well, I haven't seen Clay on the streets of NY yet, but I will keep an eye out if I am anywhere close!!

    Thank you for the list of sites. It certainly makes it easy to visit the sites and leave a comment!!

  7. I've noticed that Clay is getting the most publicity out of this. It's his name in the headlines and his photo that is being used. It's exciting seeing Clay's name and face all over the internet again.

  8. I also noticed that almost all the articles have Clay's name first in the article and his picture is the one used most. It is so exciting to see so many articles written about CApp with Clay being front and center on most of them. I am looking forward to watching it. I hope Clay wins lots of money for his foundation. It could really change many children's lives for the better.

  9. I seriously cannot contain my excitement!!! GOOD LUCK CLAY! It's so nice to see Clay on the news again. I enjoy hear about him so much!

  10. I have also noticed that Clay seems to be the lead-in for all the articles..and his picture is always used. That is great. I have found Clay to be fascinating…so, maybe all these other people think the same. I am so glad he decided to joint the CA. I have these articles saved and I put comments and will give them hits. It is important that people want to read about him.

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