Clay Aiken – How Is Trump Tower?

The excitement continues!  Clay Aiken’s name is everywhere on the Internet.  In preparation for posting, I visited Google.  I typed in Clay Aiken and limited it to posts in the last 24 hour. The following is what I found:

About 109,000 results (0.11 seconds

 Yes…everyone wants to know about Clay Aiken!! Most of the headlines on the Internet that talk about Celebrity Apprentice, mention Clay Aiken and Debbie Gibson…but they almost always show a picture of Clay (By the way, where are all the new pictures of Clay?)

 I remember Debbie Gibson’s name…but I will admit that I knew very little about her…I wanted to know more.  I found the following information on Debbie’s Internet Site.  You can find lots of information HERE

Gibson exploded on the pop music scene at the tender age of 16. A music prodigy, she quickly became the youngest person ever to write, produce and perform a number one single, (“Foolish Beat”), a record she still holds today in the Guinness Book of World Records. To date, Gibson has sold more than 16 million albums worldwide.

To fill her passion of mentoring and fostering young performers and songwriters, she created “Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth,” a series of performing arts camps and music bootcamps. In addition, she formed the “Gibson Girl Foundation,” a non-profit organization that awards scholarships and musical educational opportunities to underprivileged children who display talent and have a desire to participate in performing arts programs.

In 2010, Gibson made her debut in the world of orchestration. She collaborated on both the score and the powerful closing credits song, “Rise,” for Dr. Rutledge’s documentary, “3 Billion and Counting,” about Malaria prevention in third world countries. Gibson guest starred in “Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy” at MGM/Foxwoods. The “Original Pop Princess” also released a new album, “Ms. Vocalist,” from Sony Japan that was top 10 on the Billboard charts and the first single, “I Love You,” hit No. 1.

As the new spokesperson for Children International, she spent time in early 2011 in impoverished villages in Manila. For more than 20 years, she has been a child sponsor and advocate. Gibson also starred with Tiffany in the SyFy hit “Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid.” Recently, she shot a cameo in the upcoming film “Rock of Ages,” appeared in Katy Perry’s hit music video for “Last Friday Night (TGIF),” and took a Took a Journey Through the 80′s on a sold out tour with Tiffany. Currently, Gibson’s recording a new U.S. album. The first single “Rise,” which was shortlisted for an Academy Award nomination, is now available on iTunes.

From number one hits and platinum albums to starring roles on Broadway, film and TV, Gibson is a true entertainer with talent and charisma.

Now, that is an impressive biography.  I am really glad that  I learned so much about this lady.  She is an award winning musician and someone who wants to make the world a better place for everyone!!  Now I am looking forward to watching her on Celebrity Apprentice.

Do you remember seeing this picture of Debbie and Clay?  She attended the Timeless Tour at Foxwoods.  Its fun that she got to visit with Clay.

Did you check out this article about Clay, Debbie, and Celebrity Apprentice?

You’re Hired! Clay Aiken Joins Celebrity Apprentice

about 9 hours ago by Whitney Ricketts
Get ready, Claymates!Clay Aiken will be joining Season 5 ofCelebrity Apprentice, reports People. TheAmerican Idol Season 2 runner-up will joinReal Housewives of New Jersey starTeresa Giudice, funny man Arsenio Hall, and ‘80s sensation Debbie Gibson.The leader of Clay Nation will no doubt put up a tough fight in the boardroom. As a top-selling recording artist, proud dad, and one of the only contestants with a college degree, Clay’s resume is the most well-rounded of the bunch.Don’t let the sun go down on Clay, Donald Trump!
PICTURE CAPTION:   Remember the old playground chant, “First is the worst, second is the best”? This proved to be the case in Season 2 of American Idol when runner-up Clay Aiken outshone winner Ruben Studdard. Between 2003 and his July 2010 summer tour with former rival Ruben, Clay has sold over 4 million copies of his five albums and written a best-selling memoir. Not too shabby for number two!
Why not stop by and leave a short message?  I want this guy to report more about Clay!!  WetPaint
What will today bring?  I hope it is lots of new buzz for Clay Aiken.  How fun to see the talented Clay Aiken all over the news!!
What are your thought about Clay being on Celebrity Apprentice?  Who do you think might win this season?
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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – How Is Trump Tower?

  1. I will definitely be rooting for Clay and I think he has one of the best chances to win. He has a
    terrific mind and knows how to use it. He will not be boring at all – he has the makings of a
    winner!! Debbie Gibson made the statement, after seeing Clay and Ruben in the summer tour,
    that everyone should get their tickets for the show as she thought it was really good and so much
    fun!! I would say she has good taste.

  2. I'm certainly rooting for Clay to win CA of course. 🙂 Debbie Gibson is very talented and it's good to know she and Clay have already met. Hopefully they will work well together on the show.

  3. With all the hoopla on the news and internet about Clay being on Celebrity Apprentice, I have only one thing to say to him – "See Clay, you have nothing to worry about. You definitely continue to be very relevant."
    I had not known anything about Debbie Gibson until now. She is certainly an accomplished entertainer, as well as a children's advocate. It was good to learn about one of Clay's competitors in TCA show. Thanks for the info. Would be interesting to know a little about some of the others also.

  4. i will indeed be rooting for clay aiken to win ca of corse and iknow debbie gibson is talented and im glad that debbie and clay both met and hopefulley the will both work together on the show

  5. We all know that Clay is an intelligent man…but, reading some of these looks like many others realize this too. I have put my comments in on most of these articles. It is nice to know that Debbie Gibson is also an advocate for causes dear to her heart. I am sure that they will work well with each other. My vote is for Clay. He will do a great job.

  6. Thanks for the write up about Deborah Gibson – she sounds like a wonderful and talented person. I hope she and Clay get to spend some time together, they have lots in common. I'm going to go with Clay on this one too =) I want him to win tons of money for the Project, raise awareness and be on my TV for many many many many weeks

  7. I'll definitely be rooting for Clay. Debbie Gibson is a fantastic and talented person. I hope he wins a ton of money for the NIP.

  8. Thanks for the info on Debbie. Of course I knew her name but really didn't remember anything about her. Sounds like she is a good person!

    I really do believe that Clay has a real chance of making the finale on this show. He has so much going for him and I think he will really surprise a lot of people!!

  9. I love Debbie's mega hit "Lost In Your Eyes". I'm routing for her to do well on Celebrity Apprentice. I hope she and Clay win a ton of money for their charities.

  10. Love Debbie. She seems like a nice gal. I commented on Whitney's article that Clay has sold SIX MILLION, not four. 🙂

  11. Great information. Looks like Clay and Debbie could have a lot to talk about.
    Cannot wait for the Apprentice to air!

  12. Thanks for the great info! I think clay has a real chance of winning this. I remember Debbie from when my kids were in high school.

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