Clay Aiken – It’s Been Eight Years!

It is hard to realize that it has been eight years since Clay Aiken released his first album titled Measure of A Man.  

When one tries to imagine what it was like for Clay, I realize I have NO IDEA!!  There had to be a combination of excitement, awe, amazement, fear, fatigue, and hopefully, lots of fun!!  It was his first time jumping into the blender and going round and round and round!!

And…Clay found himself in New York, making the rounds of all the important shows, singing and charming the hosts and audiences with his talent and charm.

So…now, Clay is back in New York, preparing for another show and another round of  hard work!!  And, for his fans, it is a time of wait and hope for a picture here and there.    Just think, we have to wait until the first of 2012 before we get to see Clay each week on our TV.  By this time, you probably saw the newest picture of Clay coming out of Trump Tower.  It was posted on-line and is Clay being pre-recorded for the good-bye of the show.  Personally, I hope I never see it again as I hope Clay never needs to say good-bye on the show!!


Well….what was Clay doing eight years ago on October 15th?

It was one day after Clay Aiken’s new CD, Measure Of A Man hit the stores. As part of the promotional tour for the CD, Clay visited Good Morning America which is taped in New York City.

Diane Sawyer interviewed Clay and they talked about the sales numbers and expectations for the album. Clay told Diane that he went out the day before and bought his CD at the store on the advice of Randy Jackson. Randy said that it was tradition to do that in the music business for good luck.

It was announced on the show that morning that Clay would be singing the National Anthem at Game 1 of the World Series. Both Diane and Clay seemed excited about that honor.

The audience was filled with Clay fans that arrived early to be sure they could get into the studio to see and hear Clay perform. The enthusiastic group was supportive of Clay and his band and seemed bored with the 50 Hunks from Cosmo Magazine that were introduced to the audience.

The fans on TV saw Clay sing two songs from his album. He performed both Invisible and The Way. But the fans in the studio got a bonus as Clay pre-recorded The First Noel that morning to be shown on Christmas Day.

“When Clay came back out to do TFN, the first thing he did was walk right over to the group of very young children….kneel right down and sign things for them and talk to them. It was absolutely adorable.” This statement was written on-line from a fan that was lucky enough to be at the taping. She also stated that she got the feeling Clay wasn’t 100% awake yet!

The visit and performance at GMA was exciting and wonderful to see. Clay had to be tired, but his performance was fabulous.

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  1. This article was very fascinating to me as I didn't catch this show (not sure how that happened)
    probably because I wasn't aware at that time as I should have been that Clay would be on all of these many shows. I learned fast! Clay seemed to learn fast, too. I had that CD the first day it was
    released – went to buy it at midnight!! Clay certainly given us 8+yr of sheer delight!! 🙂

  2. I agree I never want to see that picture again. I hope to see Clay doing the winners walk!

    I didn't become a Clay fan till later so I love seeing videos of all the excitement back when MOAM was released. 🙂

  3. Loved those performances, but he was so young. Now he's all grown up and a handsome man who still can sing.

  4. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Eight years?!!! What? LOL. I love that Exit picture, but hope we never see it during the apprentice show.

  5. It's going to be so hard to wait until February knowing that Celebrity Apprentice is being filmed right now. I've never been good at waiting. I like to know what's going on as it's happenning. I'm counting on CANN to bring me every bit of info that may surface before the air date that you feel is okay to talk about.

  6. =) well now that was fun!!! Loving the "exit photo" and have to agree, as much as I love it, I can certainly live without seeing it ever again!!


  7. Very nice picture of Clay…but I'm sure CApp won't have to use it!! I'm confident that Clay will "kick butt". Just watched the interview with Dianne and Clay…and to this day…it still breaks my heart when she asked if his biological father had contacted him, since they had last talked, and Clay said "no" but his Mom did. Clay is very strong, and will definitely fight for his foundation….of that I have doubt.

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