Clay Aiken – A Classy Affair!

Where will you be on February 20, 2012?  For some lucky Clay Aiken fans,  they know right where they will be…at Carnegie Hall.  Others will be on-line, hoping to hear about Clay’s first performance at the renowned concert hall.

Sponsored by the Distinguished Concerts International – New York, the concert is titled Reflections of Life.  Billed as a special guest, Clay will be working with well-known, ASCAP award-winning choral composer and arranger, Greg Gilpin.  What a great honor for Clay to work with such a distinguished musician.


Although this is a somewhat serious musical experience, I thought we might have a bit of fun today….This is all in good fun!

The concert at Carnegie Hall will be a classy affair.  So… What should Clay wear?? (I told you its all for fun today!) Here are a few looks that might be appropriate. What do you think?

PBS Special Photo Shoot

GLAAD Awards

Christmas 2007

Tonight Show - Leno

Nick at Night


American Music Awards


There are so many other great outfits. I probably did not post your favorite. But, I did the best I could. I left out great outfits when I didn’t have a wonderful picture to show it off.

Which outfit is your favorite for Clay to wear on February 20th?  Do you think he might wear a tuxedo instead?

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22 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Classy Affair!

  1. Definitely the black suit with black shirt and black tie from Christmas 2007. That looks very classy. Wouldn’t mind the glasses either!

  2. Being such a classy affair, I feel a tuxedo would be perfect. However, that gorgeous man looks good in anything he wants t o wear.

  3. hi, i think 'nick at night' would be nice or a tuxedo, clay looks great in all of them but for 'classy' i guess tux or 'nick at night' would be right, also hair style in emmy or billboards would be nice too, it's so difficult to pick out a hairstyle as i like most of them, whatever would suit his age a hairstylist would know, i'm no professional but i'm sure he'll look great! Wish i could be there but hopefully i will see this concert on the internet.

  4. I love Clay in the charcoal gray pinstripe w/the cobalt blue shirt and tie from the 2006 Christmas tour (too handsome and the long hair doesn't hurt my feelings either 🙂

  5. Clay Aiken wears a suit so well, all of the above looks are perfect, I am so proud of this honor for Clay.

  6. I'm thinking a tuxedo – he would look really good – but I am sure whatever is chosen he will wear it
    well and look very, very Classy because that is just the kind of guy he is!!! He as the perfect
    dimensions, no???!!!!
    I am just very excited for him and all of the people that will be seeing and hearing him at Carnegie
    Hall! It is a great honor for him! Those who chose him, knew what they were doing!

  7. I know where I will be on Feb. 20. Right at Carnegie Hall….anxiously awaiting to see Clay….

    Since this will be a classy affair…I'm thinking a tux…..But truthfully…I don't care what he is wearing, I don't care about his hair….I'm gonna be happy just seeing Clay.

  8. Clay would look great in a suit similar to the PBS photo shoot one. It could be of wool gabardine material (no shine), paired with a white or off-white shirt and a subdued stripe tie. Curtained waistband, and slightly slim legged low-rise pants would be best because of his long upper body torso. Classic/modern is the style I prefer.

  9. Hi Musicfan, I think Nick at Night or Christmas 2007 would be great,but I'm sure whatever Clay chooses will be perfect.
    Thanks Margaret

  10. I love all the pictures you posted…Clay looks amazing in a suit!

    However, I have a feeling we might see Clay in a TUX. This is a classical music concert and it seems that this might be the way to go.

    Thanks for this fun post!

  11. I'm one of the lucky ones and will be right there in row 10 almost dead center!! I would love to see him in that wonderful suit , shirt and tie from Christmas 2007. Of course the tux would be very nice too!!

  12. I LOVE the suit with the red shirt and white tie! Or the black on black… or a tux… or something similar to the long coat with turtleneck he wore for one of his New England concerts. He only wore that outfit once.

  13. The suit I would like to see is The Jay Leno Show….YUMMY! But, maybe, The Nick At Night Tux would be a better idea? All, I know is, Clay wears any suit very well.

  14. I think a tuxedo would be great. He looks good in all the pictures above. I would add the one he took for Celebrity Apprentice, he looks Great in that suit.

  15. I think he looks great in all, and Celeb App one as well — but one is missing. The first year AMA's, when he won Fan's Choice Award; he wore a black suit with long-length coat-jacket and black-striped silk shirt and striped tie, remember that? He said not long ago that the FCA is his favorite 🙂 There's still a clip of his win being announced and his speech, showing his long jacket when he climbed the stairs, on Yahoo vids. I love that suit.

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