Clay Aiken – Oh, WOW!!

I thought you might enjoy these two pictures.  SueReu just put them together.  Wish we could get these up on Twitter and FaceBook!!


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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Oh, WOW!!

  1. Same gorgeous face, just a little older (and wiser). I think Clay Aiken is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, stunning.

    • Sue……..many thanks for these pictures. Clay was handsome on AI and is even more handsome now!!

  2. I loved how he looked before and love how he looks someone said he has matured well and I beleive he will continue to! Those side by side pictures are wonderful!

  3. WOW is right, love it! Great job SueReu 🙂 I really enjoy then and now pictures, watching him then and seeing him now…♥ Thanks for posting

  4. I think he just grew up and matured into a very handsome man! Thanks for posting the 2 pictures-I love both of them.

  5. Thank You Sue – as always you come up with another WOW! factor! Clay is certainly something
    to look at!!! Cutie Pie Kid and now sooooo handsome! I like his strong hands!!!! He has grown
    quite nicely!!!xD

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