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Clay Aiken – Once Again – It Still Hurts!

It was another day of publicity for Clay Aiken and his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice.  It seemed that almost every article or interview had Clay’s name in the headline.  Hmmm! Do you think that the PR teams know that Clay’s name creates a buzz?

Here are a few more links that are fun:

1.  The Clicker on Today – NBC  =  This is a great article about Clay. It is almost all Clay quotes about Simon and The Donald. Clay’s remarks are true and articulate.  It is worth the time to read it.  CLICKER

2.    Highlight Hollywood Predicts Clay Aiken As The Winner…Great picture of Clay and interesting article   Highlighthollywood  

3.  The Washington Times – Celebrity Apprentice: Handicapping the odds of winning

At about noon on Thursday, I closed out of Twitter.  I was getting too emotional.  I had been having such a great time and then I kept seeing all the hate.  I decided I had too much to do and I was not going to be brought down.  BUT…it certainly made me think.  I remembered that I wrote an article about 6 months ago about negative comments.  I remembered that I even quoted Clay.  With your indulgence, I am posting this again.  Clay’s words are important to read again.


A few years ago, Clay Aiken was gracious enough to answer questions from his fans on his Official Fan club. One serious question stood out and Clays answer was amazing.

This was the question:

I’ve gotten bullied my whole life even at times as an adult. I try to ignore people such as co workers and such but it’s not easy at all. How were you able to develop such a thick skin? Any advice?

And Clay’s wonderful answer:

As unbelievably hard as it is to do, I just learned to ignore. I don’t think that the term “thick-skin” really applies to me.

If I pay attention to negativity, it still hurts my feelings. I don’t think anyone is impervious to that type of pain. Therefore, I found the best way to deal with it is to ignore it.

There has NEVER been a case that I have EVER seen where bullying is not a DIRECT result of the insecurities of the bully themselves.

People who are happy with themselves don’t have any reason to spend their time cutting down other people. In almost EVERY situation, I have found that when someone is mean to someone else because of a trait they don’t care for it is because they have insecurities about themselves and want to make others feel bad for the rush of superiority it gives them. When you let that person affect your attitude in anyway, it gives them dominion over you…which is exactly what they want.

Ignoring is hard…REALLY hard, but one of three things will happen as a result of ignoring those who are nasty to you.

  1. They will see that they no longer affect you and they will stop.
  2. Others will see that they no longer affect you, and they will stop encouraging the bullying…or…and most powerfully…
  3. You’re ignoring will allow you to spend your time focusing on things that make you happy and make you feel good about yourself, and you honestly won’t even notice the haters anymore.

Trust me…it works!!

The title of this article should be all that needs to be said. It’s a good reminder to every fan that when you write something negative on a public webpage it has the potential to hurt feelings. My philosophy is “never write something on the web that you wouldn’t say to a person face to face!”


Clay Aiken News Network is an unofficial fansite. We are not affiliated in any way with Clay Aiken or his management. This website was made by fans for fans and makes no impression or impersonation of the official site, which can be found under the domain clayaiken.com.


  1. A good time for this reminder! It will only get tougher I fear as we head into the actual series run. You're right, it does still sting. Just knowing such vitriol exists in other humans is a bit unnerving to me. But Clay has had to deal with it his whole life. I shall try….really really hard, to follow his lead. I hope I am successful. lol

  2. Oh my word…I love this. I'm crying, but Ioved it! I'm printing this out so I can post it on my refrigerator for my children. Clay is so right about this…I hope that everyone that reads it will apply it to his/her own situation. Thank you so much for this.

  3. It was such a happy and exciting day yesterday and then I finally read one more article that really
    upset me and it wasn't even that bad compared to some – but they talked about Clay and plastic
    surgery and that the"crazy claymates" wouldn't even recognize him!!!!! I thought here it goes again
    and I felt so bad! Thanks for posting that article from Clay and his advice – we all need to read and
    digest it. It's sad to see so many with so much hate!!! I guess it's the "Way of the World" – but it
    does "STILL HURT!!"

  4. It's sad that this article needed to be printed but Clay is right. Focus on the positive and just ignore the haters!

  5. Thanks for sharing but please don’t let thoses people get to you….as Clay said that’s what they want. After 9 years I learrned to ignore it so I can enjoy the excitement. Plus these “people” are going to get a wakeup call once they see him in action. I’ve already experienced it thru 2 of my sales reps that said Clay’s really changed (not the nerd, etc they type-casted him with). I simply said no he’s always been that way…the world just wouldn’t open their eyes to see it and were too busy making fun of him. Anyway both very impressed with him. Unfortunately there will always be haters (just like every celebrity has). We admire Clay and really that’s all that matters. Now bring on the fun and excitement!

  6. musicfan – I do remember that article. I continue to commend you and the CANN on the positivity of this site. I try not to dwell on nasty or extremely critical remarks made about Clay or anyone else. Those making them really do need to feel superior and I view them as emotionally handicapped. Their reality is skewed so they probably use the vitriol as a crutch to meet their needs.

    Thanks for the reminder of Clay's answer on the subject. Ignoring ignorance is good.

  7. CANN you have done a wonderful job of getting info on all of these sites out to us. I have read the comments on several of them. There is a lot of hate out there, but even more love and positive statements. Thank you for keeping us informed about all things Clay.

  8. I think overall the articles and publicity out there have been great! Only had to ignore=garbage=laugh at one and its spinoff, the rest were keepers. <3<3<3 Not sure what went on yesterday on twitter, but overall since I've signed up to be a twit 1-2 years ago, support for Clay has been growing significantly! I'm going to keep up with my glass half full concept and ENJOY THE RIDE. Let's not be distracted from the fun OR WE'll MISS IT. Can't believe this is just the beginning! EEEeee… Thanks for all the info, love CANN!!!

  9. I think Clay Aiken is a very smart man. He has certainly had more than his share of negative untrue articles written about him. Ignoring these types of articles is the best thing to do. I don't understand where the hostility comes from in these people, but I would rather concentrate on the positive and we have lots to celebrate and look forward to now. CANN has brought us many positive articles. I hope we can take a minute to post a positive response to each, and ignore the negative ones.

  10. Thanks for the reminder of this answer of Clay's about bullying. He is such an intelligent and articulate man. It is best to laugh off the bullies.

  11. dear musicfan,

    there always love & hate in the world, it’s just created that way. we’ve thaught by our religion (whatever the relogion is including the non believers), parents & teachers to love & to care.

    But the haters will still be there, don’t let them get you, like Clay said. Just ignore. When you feel sad & angry about it, they win. Don’t let they win …just enjoy what we want to enjoy.

    I have to admit that I keep checking those haters website, just to feel grateful that I dont have the hate feeling that acute like they have. I feel very pity of them that they can have hate feeling that long (all more than >4-5 years now). It hurts them actually to be really hateful.

    Dont get hurts Musicfan, dont let them win… we love Clay because of him. He is not perfect (nobody is) but that’s the quality we love.

    Apology for the long comments… if you think not appropriate to put it in your blog,don’t put it. at least it’s for you. I care about you <3. 🙂

  12. No matter what negative comment I see, I still try to focus on all of the positive attention and wonderful articles written about Clay! I haven't seen so much media about him in so long that this is so exciting and I'm trying to cherish it all! I feel like now is the time for everyone else to "know the secret" about why we have supported Clay for so long. I really think that after these next few months there are going to be a lot more people who feel the way we do about Clay, which is pretty awesome!!!

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