Clay Aiken – “A Tall Drink Of Water”


It is Friday.

 As we wait for Sunday, lets have a bit of fun.  We might as well relax!

Why not some pictures…

I remember my dear, sweet mother seeing Clay and saying that he was a “tall drink of water” ??!!?? Anyone else ever hear that?

#1 Tried & True Tour

#2 Timeless Tour

#3 NHL All Star Game

#4 Cyndi Lauper Home For The Holidays

#5 Broadway Backwards

#6 American Music Awards

#7 The Tonight Show

#8 Emmy Award Show

#9 American Idol Tour

#10 Airport

#11 American Idol 5 Finale

Which picture is your favorite? Personally, I like them all!!

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  1. Have to agree with you – – – All are great, but #4 – #6 – #11 – something about #10 makes me smile!
    Could be that profile and sort of lost look!

  2. I love them all also. But I think I love #4 the best. He looks so gorgeous in a suit. I also love #11 because his appearance that night on the AI finale stole the show! I was so happy!

  3. Yes, he is a long drink of water. That is something my mom used to say back in the '50's and it still
    applies today; especially describing Clay! I like #9. Actually, they're all adorable.

  4. Love all the pictures… #7 has been my favorite for a long time, but I love them all. It seems that when I see the picture, I remember the event!!

    Thanks for posting the pictures

  5. Of course they’re all wonderful but 4 and 7 are my favorites. I also love the AI surprise appearance as that’s when I fell for Clay. 🙂

  6. A big drink of water is a common expression here for someone tall & thin.

    Margaret, Northern Ireland

  7. These are some amazing shots of Clay, he's a very handsome man, but I have to go with number 4, that's absolutely my favorite one..thank you so much for posting them.

  8. All of them and I especially like that you start of with "It's Friday". I'm retired and don't always know what day it is! Thanks!


  9. Yes, I've heard of "A Tall Drink of Water" – never understood it exactly, but it gets the point across.

    Loved ALL the pictures of Clay – as usual.

  10. Clay looks good in all of these photos, but I remember seeing him in #7 and thought that the suit fit perfectly and made him look even taller.

  11. I do believe that certain suits do accentuate Clay's long, slender legs. It seems that the longer and more fitted suit jackets help emphasize those great looking legs. My favorites, #7 and #11 are really good examples of that. Of course, any photo showing off Clay's legs is a winner, but I do enjoy looking at the rest of him too.

  12. #11 is my fave because of the story behind the photo. Like some other fans I think AI was planning to make a fool out of Clay at the AI5 finale. Instead, he got them good and stole the show.

  13. Oh my! He certainly is a tall drink of water, and handsome as can be. I have always had a weakness for #7 from The Tonight Show. I believe he sang Without You. Thud! Also love #11 AI5 Finale. What a hit he was. Love them all he is just so adorable. Feel free to post pictures of Clay any time you want. Love them!

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