Clay Aiken – Emerging Spokesman for Gay Marriage

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In the next 20 years, we’re going to look back on this and be ashamed that we were against it…like interracial marriage says @clayaiken

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Singer and gay rights activist Clay Aiken disagreed with Perkins, pointing to the recent Gallup polling showing that 60 percent of Americans said Mr. Obama’s support for same-sex marriage won’t impact whether or not they support him.

“I think the people who say it will matter on either side of the equation, probably were not going to vote for Obama or were going to vote for President Obama anyway,” he said. He added that gay men and women are going to be more energized to support the president now.

While voters in Aiken’s home state of North Carolina recently passed a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships, Aiken said voters in that key state “will support the fact that President Obama did speak out on principle… I think that we’d like to see politicians speak out on principle a little bit more and not just make a political calculation.”

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Me and my new pal, Bob Schieffer!
10:42 AM – 13 May 12 via Twitter for iPhone

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Interviewing Clay Aiken outside CBS about #ssm (Just another day at the office).


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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Emerging Spokesman for Gay Marriage

  1. He is an amazing young man and he looks gorgeous to boot. I was going to comment that Clay was trending at #1 when I first logged on today, but someone beat me to it. Still that's so exciting to see. Go Clay Go!!!! Looking forward to tonights show. Love the pictures from FTN this morning. Always loved his hair parted on the left. Fan freakin gorgeous.

  2. Clay uses his voice to not only sing, but to speak up for what he believes. He is making a difference in our world. Such fun to see him listed on “Trending Now” on Yahoo. Can’t wait until tonight to see him move on to the final 2 on CA.

  3. Clay was just wonderful on Face the Nation this morning. Being with family for Mother's Day, just got a chance to watch on DVR a few minutes ago. He is so articulate and holds his own so well while getting his point across. And just when I thought he couldn't have another hairstyle that I loved almost as much as his spiky one, there it is. Thought he and his hair just looked awesome on the show! Can't wait for CA tonight!

  4. Was a great show last night, so happy that Clay and Arsenio are in the final 2, they are great guys, but I was so stressed watching the first few minutes of the show because you never know who trump will fire but it turned out well. Now I will be on pins and needles all week hoping Clay wins next Sunday. Love reading Clay's blog because you get all the facts about what really went on in the show. Also he was great on Face the nation, so intelligent and cool, love all his hair styles. Way to go Clay, love you from Newfoundland, Canada..

  5. Clay was just amazing on Face The Nation. He is so intelligent..and he certainly held his own against everyone. It was so exciting to see him trending from early morning till late last night. What an honor to be on this show. He did a mighty fine job…and he was looking very handsome and sexy too. Just had to add that.

  6. Clay will always be the winner. I feel that Arseniio was promised a talk show no matter what he did
    on Appretice. He knew he was going to win.If that's not rigged? Was is? Shame on you Arsenio
    pretending to be Clay's friend and SHAME ON YOU DONALD TRUMP allowing this to happen.

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