Clay Aiken – The “Chirp” Makes Me Smile


I am a big fan of twitter.  I enjoy following some interesting people and organizations and,  even with post of less than 150 letters, I can learn a lot.

I follow Clay Aiken on twitter.  It is fun to get tweets from Clay.  They are sent to my mobile phone and so when I hear the “chirp”, I smile.  Whether it’s a message about a good friend, a post about Oreos, or just a retweet of someone else’s tweet, it always makes me feel good.

Because of twitter, we learned that Clay Aiken is in New York City.  The following tweet was sent Wednesday morning:

Meghan McCain ‏@McCainBlogette

@clayaiken thank you so much for coming darling, you’re the best!! Xoxo

So…for those who might need a bit more information, the following might help.


  • Meghan McCain is daughter of US Senator, John McCain.  In the last presidential election, he was on the ballot for the position of Vice President.
  • Meghan is a registered Republican who is “liberal on social issues.”
  • She supports same-sex marriage and gay adoption and says that the cause of the gay community for equality is “one of the ones closest to my heart”.
  • Meghan had a book signing party inNew York Cityon Tuesday night.

How great that Clay was able to attend this event for his new friend, Meghan.

Back to twitter… the following tweet was posted later in the day:

Ashley Danger Weaver ‏@DangerWeaver

It really looks like @clayaiken and I hang out at Cartier

I love random tweets about Clay, especially if they include a picture.


So…what else is Clay doing in New York?  Did he visit the Statue of Liberty?

Or did he pass by Columbus Circle?

Maybe he went to the Upper West Side.

Whatever Clay is doing, I hope he is having fun with friends and colleagues and just maybe doing a bit of business!

What do you think Clay is doing in New York?



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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The “Chirp” Makes Me Smile

  1. I also enjoy twitter. Of course there are the haters who think they have to say nasty things, but you find those comments everywhere.

    I hope Clay is having a wonderful time in NY. Maybe he has work to do and we will hear something soon.

  2. i also enjoy twitter clay i hope your have a amazing time in new york city mabe clay has some work that he needs to atend to

  3. Love twitter! I really hope Clay is there working on something exciting that we’ll hear about soon. (crossing my fingers and toes!). 🙂

  4. It is always good to hear from Clay. I think it is great that you know it is Clay when you hear the "chirp" for twitter. Clay seems to really love NYC. I hope that he is enjoying himself and I also hope he is planning a performance or a tour.

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