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It is Tuesday and Clay Aiken is in the middle of his vacation from public life.  Clay certainly deserves some time away from the maddening crowds, but he is missed by his fans.  Because of the absence of current news about Clay, todays post is a bit eclectic.  Hopefully, you will find it interesting!

The Internet site,  posted a set of pictures of Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall.  The pictures were taken on May 18, 2012 when Clay and Arsenio visited the NBC Experience Store at Rockefeller Center.  It was a great couple of hours for fans to see the Celebrity Apprentice Finalists who autographed pictures and had their pictures taken with hundreds of fans that attended the event.

Be sure and look at all the pictures.  There are lots of them and each one is great.  A big “thank – you” to the photographer, Paul Froggatt.  You can see the pictures at  STARPULSE

Yes…this blog is about Clay Aiken, but sometimes you see something that needs to be shared.  Is it related to Clay?  Well…it is singing and I would assume that Clay would enjoy seeing these talented young men as they surprise the audience with their talent and passion.  The following is the message that I received from my friend who sent me this video:

I hope you take a moment to enjoy this  beautiful video of a youth/boys choir from Wales. Out of the unemployment and bad times that Wales is experiencing comes this beautiful audition. It is a testament to the power of song and if I may say, a tribute to those who choose to teach.


SFGate is a section of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Yesterday, they published an interesting article about Concert Films.  The author, Michael Ordona suggested that even though music sales were declining, music movies for the big screen are growing in popularity.

Justin Bieber’s concert movie, “Never Say Never” is the all-time top grosser domestically with $73 million.  Michael Jackson’s  “This Is It” easily beat it worldwide with an amazing $261 million.

The music films usually combine tour performances with backstage footage, interviews and shots of the audience members.  Katy Perry and Neil Young will both be releasing Music Movies in July and they are both expected to do very well.

Ordona suggests that these movies are popular, in part, because of the economy.  The average ticket price for a live concert at this time is $60, but movie are only about a quarter of the price.

You can read the entire article at SFGATE

Have you ever seen a Concert Film?  Do you think that these films will continue to be popular?  Would you choose to see the movie instead of going to a live concert?



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  1. Beautiful, fantastic, amazing, – Only Boys Aloud – They are exceptional!
    I would go to a Clay "Movie Concert" but would much rather go to a live Clay Concert than anything

  2. I would love to see a film of Clay's tours..We should have done this years ago…if only the Gala could be filmed…I wouldn't mind seeing last years Gala.
    As for the Welsh choir.,..I have been watching them..when they sing Calon Lan I cry. I went to school in Wales…their music still rings in my ears.
    Clay's music rings in my heart.

  3. What a beautiful video of the boys choir. I loved seeing those pictures of Clay and Arsenio for CA. I’d sure see a Clay concert movie.

  4. That was a great video of Only Boys Aloud. They were spectacular. Sure I would go to a movie of Clay in Concert..I would love it..but, I would still rather see him in person in a Concert. There is nothing like Clay Live.

  5. I agree w/all.. thanks for pix, musicfan, those two are such fun together, hope Arsenio has Clay on his show (as partner would be great!) The Welsh choir Only Boys Aloud sang beautifully, I hope they win; I was sorry to hear Wales is in such hard times… kitstj, thanks for telling us the name of the song. Calon Lan — I never heard it before, but I did go to Wales years ago; the brush and rocks, canyon creeks and steep hills, reminded me of SoCal.
    Clay's music rings in my heart, too, and in my head just about all the time, lol. I would go to a movie of a Clay concert for sure! And if I could, I would also see the live show, as many times as possible. Agree, there is nothing like Clay live!

  6. "It is a testament to the power of song and if I may say, a tribute to those who choose to teach." — That is so true. What an amazing teacher the Welsh boys have; look what he has done with and for those kids! Now, even if they don't win — but I hope and pray they do! — the world knows who they are and hopefully all of them can and will use this opportunity to reverse the hard times.

  7. kacy64 – Loved all of your comments, too! Especially about teachers and teaching – my late husband
    was a Science teacher of 7th Graders – not music -but he would have appreciated Clay's voice and
    his music. He appreciated good music and Clay is exceptional music – it does ring very deep inside
    the heart and straight to the soul!

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