Clay Aiken – Twitter Is Your Friend!

Monday was a fun day if you are a fan of Clay Aiken and you tweet.  Twitter was very busy…all because of this:


Laughing it up!!

Clay posted this mid-day Monday and it really caught on.  Everyone seemed to think it was a great response to the sad comments from Todd Akin.

The tweet was re-tweeted and then again and again.  It was re-tweeted by MSNBC and then by the  comedian Andy Richter who has over 312,000 followers.  Besides the re-tweets, people were saying so many positive things about Clay.  It was just so much fun to see the numbers rise and read the great posts!

It is too bad that all the positive twitter movement for Clay began as an ignorant, outrageous statement by a U.S. Representative.  However, it is great that it ended up being something positive for Clay.

It is past midnight as I am writing this and the up-to-date numbers at this time are …

Re-tweets = 1914

Favorites = 640

And, it was put in the TopTweets category for Monday!!

Do you tweet?  If not, I encourage you to give it a try.  It doesn’t cost anything, you don’t have to share private information, and you can use it a lot or only when there is something fun going on.  Besides, twitter numbers are important.  It is an easy way to support Clay!  If you want to give it a try and need help, just ask.

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  1. Hi Musicfan123, That number of retweets are hilarious, I wonder if Clay never expected that number of retweets LOL

  2. That was such a brilliant response from Clay. Way to make something positive out of a negative. That’s why we love him! 🙂

  3. Yup, I sure did get his tweet on my phone… and whooa, I didn't even KNOW who that Akin guy was..had to google him to find out what he said. What a jerk. And these people are running this country? I stay out of politics, and that's one of the many reasons why. Love that Clay can say just the right thing…. AND gain more and more respect!

  4. I retweeted and then tweeted something super nice back. I was almost ashamed to be a Missourian but then realized that I didn't vote for him in the first place and I don't know where he buys his Kool-Aide but all Missourians do not think like that! What an idiot!!!! Sorry…had to vent. Love the picture of Clay you put in here..never seen that one before but I do love that smile! 🙂

  5. Yup…tweeted as well.. Actually corrected some people that thought the stupid comment that Rep. Todd Akin made, was made by Clay Aiken. I think some have trouble reading… It started off dumb, and had nothing to do with Clay…but Clay addressed it in a funny way, and it caught on. Amazing.

  6. I read Akin's asinine remarks about rape on the internet and also on the front page of The Washington Post. Republican Congressman and strategists, along with Mitt Romney are calling for him to exit his Republican Senatorial Campaign. He is resisting. And by the way Clay — you are not stupid! — but Akin is certainly exhibiting that trait one hundred fold.

  7. clay aiken your not stupid your amazing and talented and as far as reptodd aiken remark your wrong clay is not stupid leve clay aiken alone

  8. It was a fun night. I can't believe the number of people who re-tweeted Clay. I'm so happy Clay got so much attention because of one cleverly worded tweet.

  9. thank you so much for the news. I was watching Apprentice and it was the first time I heard
    Clay Aiken opened his mouth and sang…..since then I just wanted to go to one of his concerts……I am 65 years old and all of a sudden I fell so much more younger because of his songs and voice. I do not know how to tweet…..I have a phone but I only make calls and receive them… do I tweet….I live in Vancouver, B.C. Thank you again….I would very much want to know when he comes to a city that I can fly to.

  10. That was a lot of fun on twitter. Clay sure got a lot of retweets just from that one tweet. What a tweetheart he is. Lol! Just had to say that.

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