Clay Aiken – A New Interview

There is a great new interview with Clay at  Brooke Cain did a great job of getting Clay to talk about his experience on Celebrity Apprentice and his feelings about Donald Trump.

We had a fun chat today with pop singer and Raleigh native Clay Aiken about his upcoming Christmas concert at the DPAC (more on that coming next week).

Clay is a fun interview. He’s always chatty and funny, and he laughs a lot. So naturally, I took advantage of his friendly disposition to ask him about coming in second on “Celebrity Apprentice earlier this year, and also, what he thinks about some of the recent controversy that show’s host, Donald Trump, has created with comments about President Obama and the presidential election.

Be sure and click on INTERVIEW to read the great conversation.

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A New Interview

  1. Clay could teach a course on being diplomatic. I enjoyed that interview and look forward to reading more when it's posted.

  2. wonderful interview enjoyed reading it…Clay is a wonderful diplomatic man who would never say anything to hurt anyone…if only we could bottle and spread his niceness what a wonderful world we would all live in….I may never get to see Clay i live in the U.K. but it is now always going to be my dream to do so ..Anicer lovelier man you will never meet. So talented so handsome so sweet.. so utterley decent ….Absolutely Adore him… i wish him nothing but love and luck and happiness for the future… Well done Clay .. you are so inspirational…..xxxxxxxxxxxxx And thank you so much for the link …….xx

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