Clay Aiken – Staying Open To Lots of Possibilities

Day 16 – Joyful Noise Tour

Northern Lights Theatre, Potawatomi Casino – Milwaukee

I was surprised  that I could not find any new articles about Clay Aiken and The Joyful Noise Tour in Milwaukee.  Since the concert was sold out, I guess it doesn’t matter.

There is a new article about the Joyful Noise Concert at City National Grove of Anaheim on Dec. 21.

Clay Aiken Bringing Joyful Noise to Anaheim

by Kelli Skye Fadroski – The Orange County Register

Christmas comes more than just once a year for modern-day crooner and former American Idol star Clay Aiken. The 34-year-old North Carolina native says he starts prepping for holiday tours as early as September and had entered studios to record covers of classic Christmas tunes by May for his previous winter releases….

…Following his holiday tour, Aiken doesn’t have much planned, which typically works out better for him, he says. As he’s navigated his way through show business, he has learned that when he tries to push it and plan, things don’t quite work out: “The stuff that we’ve done that’s had success is always something that we didn’t seek out. The main plan now is to stay open to lots of possibilities.

“You know, ‘Jesus take the wheel,’ as the great philosopher Carrie Underwood once said.”

These are the first and last paragraphs of this article.  Be sure and visit the site and read the entire article.  It is interesting.  To reach the link, click on ORANGECOUNTYREGISTER


Twitter Comments About Milwaukee Concert

Bryan Green ‏@bdgreen
Seeing Clay Aiken tonight with my hunny bunny. Getting in the Christmas spirit. (3 pictures)

As more news of the concert comes in I will add it to this blog.

Please check back!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Staying Open To Lots of Possibilities

  1. I love the staying open to lots of possibilities. Things always work out better when they just happen. Clay has so much talent, singing, acting, comedy, entertaining. Being extra super smart doesn't hurt either. Things will work out well for Clay, of that I am positive.

  2. I just wanted to say from my feelings about the concert last night in Milwaukee:
    This is the third Clay concert I have been to (one in 2004, another in 2011, and then last night) and I am still amazed by how his voice melts my heart after all these years. When he walked on stage, I literally thought I was going to pass out because he is like an angel coming into my life again. This was my first Christmas tour, and I loved loved loved the orchestra background and I loved how personal the concert felt. I swear he smiled at me a few times, but I'm pretty sure he couldn't see me and it's just my imagination but it doesn't hurt to dream 😉
    I couldn't wipe the smile off my face the entire time, and it was so magical it felt like a dream. Thank you Clay for ALWAYS continuing to impact my life in such a positive way!!

  3. I enjoyed reading the MSN. Thanks for the link to it. I am very excited to read that Clay is staying open to many opportunities. The man is so mad talented in so many areas that a variety of offers could be made and he would do well in whatever he would chose to do.
    Loved the pictures from the venue from last night.
    I enjoyed the article regarding the Anaheim concert . I can't believe how fast this tour has sped by. I have loved it!

  4. That was a great article on Clay. They covered a lot of things. Glad to hear that he is open to all possibilities. WTG Clay! All I know is that this JNT2012 has been awesome. He seems to have had some good attendance too. It is funny but when my daughter and I were at his Clearwater, Florida venue, we both felt the magic the moment he came on the stage. We both couldn't stop staring at him through our binoculars. And, no, we weren't in the 2nd row. We were in the balcony. I am still in the Aiken fog..and I love it.

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