Clay Aiken – Purple Popcorn???

On Tuesday night, Clay Aiken chatted with members of his Official Fan Club in a Live Video Chat.  Clay was at home and seemed relaxed and happy.  The following are some of the things that happened during the chat:

  • When the chat was connected, Clay was munching on some purple and blue popcorn.
  • He thought Obama’s speech was a bit boring, was disappointed that the SSB was pre-recorded and said that Kelly rocked!!
  • When he came home two days ago, a lamp in his home was on fire…high flames.  He put it out with an extinguisher which worked but made a mess all over at least three rooms!  Clay showed us the lamp!  YIKES!!!
  • Clay was disappointed in some of the questions that fans were typing as it seemed some were sending rude remarks.
  • Clay was proud that he cooked last night…made a beet dish and even shared a picture of it with us.  I hope he will share the recipe!
  • When asked, Clay said that he knew about Penn’s song about him.  He was asked to be a part of it, but declined.  Clay said he did like Penn
  • Regarding Constantine Maroulis…Clay requested the tickets for his mom and has no idea why anyone thought he would be there.  He commented that at least Constantine got some publicity.
  • Clay’s special guest was Quiana who is a good friend of Clay and one of his back-up singers.  She was a remote guest.  The screen was split so we could see both Clay and Quiana!  Quiana had pop-corn too!!
  • After some casual chat between Clay and Quiana, Clay explained the new project that they are working on together.
  • Before Clay signed off, he sang a couple of verses of The Facts of Life…to prove he knew the words.
  • At the very end, Clay didn’t know how to sign out of the chat…he had to ask for help and finally said his good-byes to his fans!

I feel confused as to how much I can say about Clay’s new project.  Clay said it was fine to talk about it at Chat boards and private fan boards….but didn’t want it out to the general public, including Twitter and FaceBook.

I realize that most of the readers here know about the new project, however, we have lots of readers from other blogs and entertainment sites that subscribe to this blog.  I am not sure what is correct to post.  So…I hope you understand.  I would rather be too careful than talk about something that should not be shared.  If you would like more information, please leave a comment or e-mail and I will e-mail you about the news.

I thought it might be fun to see some pictures of Clay and his good friend, Quiana.


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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Purple Popcorn???

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the chat tonight. I do agree that some people just can't seem to be satisfied…but I digress. It's very obvious that he and Quiana have a special "kinship" if you will. I love it! Can't wait to see what the future holds 🙂

  2. Clay and Quiana have the best smiles – absolutely brilliant! They make a great pair! I couldn't get
    any sound at the chat but a beautiful clear picture – mostly frozen – I got maybe 10 words total out
    of the whole chat – will be waiting for the tapes and hopefully get to hear the whole Chat.
    Thanks for these pictures and the info that you posted. <3

  3. Enjoyed the chat last evening, it was great and loved to see Quiana as a guest, they are such good friends, hope their project is a success for them, looking forward to hearing more about it, loved all the photos.
    Thanks Musicfan and Deona xox.

  4. it was quite a Chat last night at the OFC! So glad to see Clay and Quiana, and I am excited about what they are working on!! Oh, and the popcorn looked good, and those are some great pics of them together! 🙂

  5. Beautiful pictures. Quiana looked great. Had so much fun last night. I think it's best to keep quiet concerning the new project. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for always keeping us updated on new's about Clay. First thing I do every morning is go to your site and see what's going on, then I know my day will start with a smile!!!

  6. Well wishes for Clay's new project!
    Both Clay and Quianna looked great last night, specially Q who has lost a lot of weight.
    I am looking forwards to Clay's recipe for beets dish 😀

  7. Chat was hilarious because of the chemistry between those two! They kept cracking each other up. I love it when Clay laughs, not just the giggles but the big throw his head back laugh that comes from his gut. I like him when he sings, proud of him when he spouts statistics off the top of his head, but I LOVE to see him smile! He broke his own rule and sang during a chat! He is full of surprises. You were correct to share the general Fun and not the rest! Hopefully comments will do the same.

  8. Greaaaat chat last night! Both Clay and Quiana were hilarious. I was lauging outloud several times! I was a little surprised at his new project but we all should know he likes to try something different, and boy is this something different! I will support him no matter what he does. That's what a fan does! I'm sure there will be naysayers in the fandom, but Clay's a big boy! He seems excited and that's alright for me! Thanks for the pictures of Clay with Quiana! They do have a great relationship!

  9. Thanks for the pictures of Clay and Quianna, Musicfan. They have been friends for 10 years now, and it's nice to see not only personally, but professionally. Obviously, they get along and have a great chemistry. I hope Clay's new project goes well. We all know in life, we have to try things. It's how we grow, how we learn. The best part is Clay is fearless when it comes to doing things. Trying to reach out to a whole new demographic. We know he is sharp, smart, always gives his opinion. I think, instead of getting blasted for giving his opinion, he can get paid for it!!!! Why Not??
    Love him and his courage. All the best Clay!!! I know you can do this!!!

  10. I really enjoyed last night's chat. I laughed quite a few times, which helped clear any congestion. Good for Clay for trying something new, especially since he has been thinking about it for a long time. Hopefully it will be a huge success.

    Great job on the recap. Love the photos – in particular the last one. Like seeing Clay with his California blond sunshine hair every once in a while. Nice! Even Quiana gave it a try.

  11. I was so happy seeing the chat even though I lost 20 minutes of it. will watch whole thing as soon as it comes out. Clay and Quianaare always SO HAPPY TOGETHER!that video is one of my favorites. next to Clay gets molested..I get all choked up watching them. THANK YOU MUSICFAN> I just wish I knew if Clay got the stuff I sent him. NIP check never cashed but I sent another online and that did go through. would love to hear Clat talk about NIP and disabled issues. maybe next chat. I always try to do whatever the rules are.

  12. Clay knew the words to The Facts of Life better than the songs he sings onstage every night. I sure hope Clay's new project is a huge success.

  13. This was one of his best chats, so personable and he's honest Some of our questions maybe a bit too much, but he answered them truthfully! ( By the way, Clay answered one of my questions) He is not a fake, what you see is what you get. That's what I love about him. I think he wil sell his house, soon. Like the idea of radio, so Clay will be free to do other projects, hopefully another tour. Never laughed so hard, especially with him and Quiana. They are like brother and sister. We his fans are like family: we all have a great love and respect for our number one entertainer!

  14. Loved the chat! Thanks for the wonderful pics of Clay and Quiana, musicfan. It's fun to see how much they enjoy each other.

  15. I give up. Guess I'm not suppose to get into the chatbox to talk. If anyone knows why I can't let me know, otherwise I will just find another site.

    • I live on the west coast and it is dinnertime for me here. I will be happy to check it out later when my family obligations are over. It is not always a quick fix.

      Check back tomorrow.

  16. It is true, both Clay and Quiana looks awesome together. I am really looking forward to know what the future is holding for them. I would like to watch the tape of the chat. Could you please tell me hoe to download it?

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