Clay Aiken – Good Friends

Clay Aiken – Ruben Studdard……two of the most famous names in American Idol history. In 2003, Season Two of American Idol was popular because of the talent, but also because Clay and Ruben were promoted as big rivals. Thank goodness both young men became good friends and to this day, enjoy each others company.

I thought it might be fun to remember some of the great times the two have had together.



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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Good Friends

  1. I love Clay and Ruben together – Their friendship is a treasure! I missed their summer Timeless Tour.
    But did see the PBS taping in Raleigh with Ruben a guest singer and also last years Gala in DC!
    Thanks for posting these great videos!

  2. That was great! nice to see Ruben and Clay together, they are such great friends after all these years! Would be nice to see them perform together again one day. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. Seeing this post today brings to mind that never since AI2 have any 2 contestants performed together and stayed friends as Clay and Ruben have. As Randy would say "I give them props".

  4. What a great collection of Clay-Ruben pics! I especially love the top one. Clay looks so young and adorable.

  5. Clay and Ruben are so fun together. I love how they have remained such good friends over the years. Fantastic videos! 🙂

  6. So nice that Ruben and Clay are such great friends after all these years! I loved watching them on AI and then I saw them live in the Timeless Tour. They were so funny together.

  7. im glad clay and ruben arefriends thats important to have friends and there both fun together ilike how those 2 guys remind such good friends over the years

  8. loved the pics. CLAY has always been a good loser(using that term with tongue in cheek) even tho we know he won. Just like with ARSENIO, They are good friends also.ARSENIO even said CLAY let them win.Just goes to show the integrity CLAY has. That's why he is so loved.

  9. I am glad that Clay and Ruben have remained friends. I was glad they did a tour together and I enjoyed it so much. I love looking at their pictures together-especially the one of Clay sleeping!

  10. Awww, so fun seeing these, thanks, musicfan! And great vids! In spite of my being upset at AI2 outcome, it wasn't Ruben's doing (don't know about Arsenio, but loved what he said about Clay letting "them" win; I'll watch his show just for that!) and I enjoyed them together in AI2 tour. Their AMA duet was awesome, and I was so glad they finally, FINally did a tour together!! Timeless was marvelous, can't get enough of playing those vids!! Hope they do another one some day soon…

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