Clay Aiken – A True Leader!

On Sunday,March 3, the TV show All – Star Celebrity Apprentice  kicked off their new season on NBC.  I did NOT watch it…did you?

I do remember the opening of last seasons show.  I happened to be in New York and saw the show with a small group of Clay Aiken fans.  It was so much fun watching Clay and his team work in a sandwich shop.  We yelled at the TV, we laughed and watched Clay as he became a true leader in the task.

I can assure you that I will not be reporting on this season.  I watched the show last year for Clay and have not yet gotten over the results of the show.  But… I thought it was appropriate to show some great pictures of the first show from last season.

Again, I thank you all for your patience the last few days.  I travel home from my mini-vacation on Monday and hope to get back to a regular schedule.  I will have more time to work on CANN.

So…Clay Aiken,the money man!!

Did you watch this episode of Celebrity Apprentice?

Are you watching this year?

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21 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A True Leader!

  1. Yes, I did watch the opening “Celebrity Apprentice” this evening only because I want to see how well Dee and Penn do this time. They both appear to be friends with Clay, and they both did a terrific job last year. However, I believe the new collection of contestants, barring Dee and Penn, seem rather boring compared to the 2012 version.

    I will never get over Clay’s not winning this competition even though it was 100% apparent he outdid Arsenio in a “thousand different ways”! It is too bad there was an underlying push to get Arsenio on the air again. I believe Clay showed his vast wisdom by refusing the offer to be on the program again this year.

  2. I'm with you musicfan! I watched every single show last season because Clay was on it. Never watched the show before, and won't again starting this year. I also didn't like the results last season. He was totally robbed!! Thanks for the great pictures! He was so gorgeous!! Safe travels on your way back home!

  3. I have absolutely no reason to watch this show this year – it was only Clay's appearance last year that made it bearable — and the heartbreaking result was something I will never understand.

  4. Will never forgive Trump. Last year was so much fun even tho' I hated the editing.
    Will always be angry.

  5. Only watched CA last year for Clay – did not watch before and will not watch in the future! My feelings
    are the same as the two of you! Definitely great pictures of Clay – if Clay is in the picture it will always
    be special!

  6. Well, it's like ARSENIO said. CLAY let him & RUBEN win, so we know who the true winner is .I did watch it last nite & true to form TRUMP was his old_self. Didn't like the outcome.Only watched it last season because of CLAY.

  7. gaymarie, you took the words out of my mouth. I also agree with musicfan. I wouldn't dream of watching one second of this season's Celeb App, nor any future season…..unless Clay is on. I was in the audience at the finale last season, and you can imagine my utter shock and dismay when the winner was announced. I can't imagine how Trump thought he could get away with such a fraudulent result…..but he did do it, and there's nothing we fans could do about it. Clay's first place day WILL come!

  8. I totally agree with the people NOT WATCHING Apprentice this year. Clay was robbed at that finale and I will never forgive Trump for that fraudulent ending.

  9. Aw.. this put a smile on my face. loved seeing him on TV last year. Obviously the results and show are fake like someone's hair. Everything's a production and everyone only cares about the bottom line don't they. But Clay's heart and head is in the right place and the money to NIP is real. I'm happy he is in the top two and we got to see him for so many weeks!! :D:D:D I sorta liked the show before but now that I get to see how the sausage is really made. bleugh. Good riddance. 😛

  10. Yep, count me in the only watched for Clay club. I do wish Dee the best though but it’s all about Trump so who knows. Thanks for the great pictures!

  11. nope im not gona be watching the aprebtice this time clay was robbed of winning it should have been clay and not arsino hall and because of that i also wil never for give donald tump for that fraudulent ending and you could only have seen my anger and upsetment when arsino won and dee i wish you the best

  12. I will not ever watch Celeb Appre again. Only watched last year to see Clay. However, I did pull out the tape I recorded of the last show last year and watched it on Sat. Clay was fabulous and it was so evident that he was the true winner. I saw Donald Trump on some TV program the past week saying that Bret Michaels should not have come on the show this year. I heard this morning, that Bret was the first one fired last night. I'm so glad that Clay turned down the Donald's invite to return this season. He left having convinced many more people (not just his fans) that he was a smart, talented guy and someone you can count on.

    • I am wondering if that speech to Brett was meant 4 Clay.You won. Youre a winner. Youre fired! Brett was just saying the other day that they begged him to come back. he didnt want to but thought the more he could m
      ake 4 his charity the better. I remember how handsome Claybear was when he entered the boardroom. NOT WAECHING NOW>the news is covering it though.

  13. Nope won't be watching. You couldn't pay me to watch Trump's Fake Show. Clay was royally robbed. Everyone knew that he won it. Never watched TCA before either. Proud of Clay because he didn't go back on this crappy show. Sorry, but that is how I feel about Trump and TCA. But, I like the pictures. Clay never takes a bad picture.

  14. I did watch every episode of Celebrity Apprentice last year because Clay was in it. I did not
    and will not watch it this year!

  15. I've seen every episode of Celebrity Apprentice and was a big fan of the show. I will not watch it ever again after seeing Clay loose unjustly.

  16. I actually did watch CA last night, hoping for a mention of Clay. But there wasn't any. The show lacked something…so when it was over, I put in my DVD of Episode 1 from last year with Clay. It was so much better. Don't know if I will watch any more…I see the ratings were down quite a lot. Even with all the promotion. We all know Clay should have won last year. He was robbed.

  17. I remember last years final show as it was the ending event of Fan Fest weekend. Many fans stayed for the Sunday night group viewing on a big screen TV. We were so very sure Clay was going to win and there was a group "WHAT!!!" when the winner was announced. It was fun watching the show with fellow fans but gosh I can't begin to tell you the awful let down we all experienced.
    I never did watch Celebrity Apprentice and only watched last year to see Clay play a good game. If there is anyone who deserved another chance it is Clay…he played the game well!
    Nope….won't watch it again…not the least bit interested!!

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