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Have you ever heard of the website, AllMusic?  I have used the site a few times when researching some articles and it is easy to read and follow.

Recently, the site did some upgrading and now they are bigger and better than before.  But, what is the site all about?  According to the AllMusic website:

AllMusic is a comprehensive and in-depth resource for finding out more about the albums, musicians, bands and musical styles you love. We offer different ways for our users to explore and discover all kinds of cool info about music including keeping up-to-date on new release information, browsing discographies, exploring genres and reading what our editors have to say.

The site has a nice section on Clay Aiken.  Most of the information is accurate and easy to read.  What it needs is some more album ratings.  I hope you will stop by and sign up and then take a moment to rate Clay’s albums.  It only takes a few minutes and is easy to do.

  1. Sign Up for the site
  2. Click on the picture of the album
  3. When the picture flashes on at the left of the page, you will see some gold stars below.  I gave 5 stars to each album.  It took only a few minutes and I love seeing Clay’s rating where it belongs:  at the top!!
  4. When you have time, look around and see all the information they have.  I found it interesting!!

Click on AllMusic to get to the site.

The website, published an article about Clay Aiken and his fans.

Clay Aiken’s Superfans Head South

By Lindsay Champion

Claymates Will Invade North Carolina
The Claymates are coming! The Claymates are coming! Lock your doors, citizens of Raleigh, because a stampede of Clay Aiken fans are about to be eating in your restaurants, staying in your hotels and blasting “This is the Night” on your highways. The American Idol and Broadway alum is teaming up with Tony winner Beth Leavel in the North Carolina Theatre production of The Drowsy Chaperone, starring as an obsessed superfan. Hmm, wonder where he’ll get the inspiration for that role.

I think this is an interesting way to write a short “blurb” about Clay’s upcoming role in The Drowsy Chaperone.  Wouldn’t most celebrities love to be as lucky as Clay?  He has fans that travel long distances to see him and support his career.  It seems like everyone wins!

To read the article visit   and…why not leave a comment about the article.

The following are a few great pictures of Clay.  Pictures are always fun!!



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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Some Interesting Sites

  1. I did see that site that had Clay's albums. The review on MOAM was awful! I don't know if it was written when it first came out or what. Later today I'll go back and sign up. Thanks musicfan! Got to get ready for work!!

  2. I’ll definitely sign up for all music. Cute article in You are right, pictures of Clay are always a good thing.

  3. I agree, the review on MOAM was awful, anyway that's that person's opinion, I still love Clay's albums and love his voice. Nice article in about the Drowsy Chaperone and wish I could be there to see Clay's performance, maybe there'll be something about it on the web.
    Thanks Musicfan xox.

  4. I already have tickets for "The Drowsy Chaperone" and can't wait to arrive in Raleigh! Without doubt, Clay will be stellar in this role as comedy is his forte. I was pleased to see that picked up Clay's appearance. I cannot recall ever seeing that thud-worthy photo either!

  5. I am glad that there are a lot of fans going to see Clay in The Drowsy Chaperone. That part was just meant for Clay. I think that blurb about the Claymates was cute. Clay certainly is lucky to have so many fans that love him.

    Clay looks like a typical redhead in that first picture. The second one is pretty studworthy also. I can't sign up for that it is on Facebook..and I am not on that site. I did see that write-up..and that is probably someone's opinion back then. They know what they can do with their opinions.

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