Clay Aiken – “He Is Truly Like Family”


I am flying to Raleigh on Monday.  I am traveling to see Clay Aiken perform in the North Carolina  Theatre production of The Drowsy Chaperone.  From all that I have seen, this role is perfect for Clay.  I feel so lucky that I get to see the play in person.

I read a couple of messages on FaceBook yesterday that helped me decide where to have lunch on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Clyde Cooper’s BBQ

Clay Aiken came in to eat this afternoon with some of his actor friends. Love talking and meeting everyone, just good folks. He is playing the “Man in Chair” in the “Drowsy Chaperone”. UH, THAT’S ME!! HAHA He is truly like family, very good person. Been here before and always just like your friend! He’s doing great and looks good too!!!!


Debbie Holt
Clay Aiken came into the restaurant to eat this afternoon with some actor friends. He is always so personable and we love him!
So…doesn’t that sound like a great place to have lunch.  Clyde Cooper’s BBQ is about 2 blocks from the Marriott and the Sheraton.  It should be an easy walk!

According to the News Observer, Clyde Cooper’s Barbecue opened for business on East Davie Street, on New Year’s Day in 1938. It is still in the same place.  Today, the restaurant is owned by Debbie and Randy Holt.  I am looking forward to a visit to taste this famous BBQ.  If you want to see the menu, click on COOPERS 

Anyone want to join me for lunch?
(Just a note that I do not know the Holt’s or have any ties to the just sounds like a friendly place to have a good meal.)
On May 4th, 2008, Clay performed his last show of his first run of Spamalot.
The cast showed their respect throughout the performance and the huge crowd blocked Shubert’s Alley after the show.  Clay chose to say good-bye to the crowds by climbing up to the roof and waving to the fans.  It was an amazing night!

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “He Is Truly Like Family”

  1. All of this talk of the play, hotel, restaurants, and friends, and family is really making me wish
    I was going to be there! I have only been to Raleigh twice but both time I felt just like that! I hope
    everyone that goes has a wonderful time – think of us who can't make it! Give Clay and Raleigh my
    love! I just love friends and family – – have fun and a safe trip Musicfan!! 🙂 with tears!!!! but good

  2. That was hilarious, loved it, Clay is quite the actor!!! And those videos of Cooper's BBQ were very entertaining, if I ever had the opportunity to go to Raleigh that's one place I would go. Thanks Musicfan xox – you sure know how to entertain us.

  3. Hi Musicfan, I'm flying to Raleigh on Friday and thank you for posting the name of the restaurant as well as their Menus.

  4. Yum BBQ! I’m so glad Clay is having a good time with The Drowsy Chaperone. I can’t wait to hear all the reports! I love that Spamalot video. What a great night!

  5. what a way to start the day! thank you for the Spamalot!I wish I could make it to Raleigh. I spent a week there in 1992. hope to go back someday. Glad to be alive to be able to enjoy Clay.Plenty of good people in Raleigh.Seeing Clay in person is as good as meeting Jesus! I love him so much!Have a splendifferous time Musicfan! try to eat some beanpie!

  6. So exciting , just wish I could go but know it will be fantastic. Here's wishing Clay to remember all his lines! Looking forward to all the posts about it , have a grand time Musicfan. And TY so much for all you do for us fans.

  7. I am glad Clay is out and about showing the others in the play his favorite spots! It sounds like a great place to eat and I am looking forward to eating there!

  8. all of this talk makes me wanto bethere i hope that everyone has a great time and i hope clay does well hi music fan please have safe travels and enjoy music fan give clay my love and raleigh mylove also

  9. Coppers was already on my possible eating places. Thanks for sharing their nice comments about Clay.

  10. So is it safe to say that Cooper's serves the type of BBQ that Clay swore and bet was better than Kimberly and Ruben's BBQ? Say Musicfan did they ever settle that contest?? LOL. I will admit that I am thrilled for Clay – he seems to revel in and prefer group related projects more than his solo gigs. To see him smile makes my day and those pictures from yesterday were and extra bonus. Thank you Musicfan. I KNOW you will have a gr8 time.

  11. What day are you planning to have lunch at Cooper's, Musicfan? We won't be arriving until Tuesday early afternoon. So I guess Wednesday would work better. But I'll see what day you are thinking about.

  12. Wishing I was going!!!! Haven't seen OMC since 2005 when he & the "gang" were @ the Toledo Zoo for JBT. That seems like ages ago!!!! Here's hoping that everybody who's going has a wonderful & safe trip!!! BREAK A LEG, CLAY!!! We ALL Love You!!!!!

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