Clay Aiken – A Feeling of Reunion


It is always a good day when there are mentions of Clay Aiken and his projects in the news.  It is not unusual for news to be light on week-ends.  But, yesterday, a Saturday, there were some great mentions of Clay and his role in The Drowsy Chaperone.

Tim Stevens from the & wrote a great article about The Drowsy Chaperone:

Drowsy Chaperone Is The Musical For Those Who Hate Musicals

The N.C. Theatre’s production of “The Drowsy Chaperone” has the feeling of a reunion.

Raleigh’s Beth Leavel and Clay Aiken lead a company that includes three actors from the original Broadway production that won five Tony Awards, including Leavel’s honor as the best actress in a supporting role in a musical in 2007…

…Aiken was the runner-up in 2003 on “American Idol,” has sold 6 million albums, has made dozens of television appearances, co-authored a best-selling book and performed on 11 concert tours that sold out some of the nation’s top venues…

…Aiken was a singer who got involved in theater because musicals gave him a chance to sing. His first audition was for N.C. Theatre’s 1996 production of “1776.”

His chorus teacher at Raleigh’s Leesville Road High encouraged the 17-year-old to go for the experience of auditioning – one that would be good practice and pressure-free since he was too young to be seriously considered.

He landed the role of “man in the leather apron” and he sat in a chair on stage for much of the production.

Seventeen years later, Aiken is back on the NCT stage – and he sits in a chair for much of the show.

The story is told through Aiken, who is aptly named “The Man in the Chair.”

The entire article is a great read.  Be sure and visit the site and leave a comment.  It is important that Mr Stevens and the NewsObserver know that we support them when they post positive articles about Clay Aiken.  You can read the entire article at NEWSOBSERVER


The Time Warner Cable News Channel in North Carolina ran a short promo video for The Drowsy Chaperone on Saturday.  It is short, but lots of fun.  Clay is wearing a microphone band around his head so it seems he will probably be wearing a wig during the performances.  A big thank-you to the fan who taped it and shared it with us.

Did you happen to see the ad for the TV show, The Office?  It was shown in many areas during the 10:00pm hour on NBC on Saturday night.  Clay is a featured guest on the show next Thursday, May 9th. If you missed it, hopefully it will be shown again.  If you see it, let us know!!  The following is a screen cap from the ad.

Don’t forget….I will try to post updates here when there are new Clay mentions…so…check back in during the day!!

 Today is Cinco de Mayo.  Do you think Clay is celebrating? He has made it clear that he is not a big fan of Guacamole or avocados, complaining that too much food in California is smothered in the “green stuff.” However, we have pictures of Clay shopping for food at Baja Fresh. Maybe he actually likes a taco or two or maybe he likes to munch on a plateful of Nachos.

It might be Fiesta Time at the Aiken House!!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Feeling of Reunion

  1. What a great article and video! Clay is going to be awesome! I will definitely be watching The Office. What an a exciting week to see Clay!

  2. Love those photos of Clay, he's so adorable, looks like he's about 16!! and love the editorial about his play, so happy for him to be in it. Will be watching the OFFICE on Thursday. Looking forward to getting more news. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  3. You are such a fount of info on Clay, musicfan! Wonderful writeup today on all the great news about Clay. Thanks for all you do to keep us Clay fans updated.

  4. Great article and video…I love how Clay doesn't care what he may look like. It doesn't bother him. It is definitely one aspect of him that I admire. He just does what he needs to do.

    Next week is going to be so much Clay fun!!!!! We'll be leaving early tomorrow morning for Raleigh. We won't get there until Tuesday though. It's a 12 hour drive.

    THIS IS FUN!!!! Can't wait to see "The Office".

  5. Musicfan, have a safe, wonderful trip to Raleigh tomorrow. We will be looking forward to your posts about Clay, the play, the BBQ restaurant, and all of the old and new friends you will be seeing.

  6. Thank you again so much for all the Clay news and wonderful pix…I'd dearly love to see him do that play, what a marvelous showpiece for that mobile face. And The Office, great cap, looks like he's gonna be a judge, not a singer (but note the big sign right behind em, haha), wonder if we'll get to hear him at all?? Can't wait to find out… And thank you, thank you, for those beautiful shots of young Clay back in the day… so sweet!!

  7. I'm so glad Clay's Office appearance is on this week. It gives those that can't be in Raleigh something to get excited about.

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