Clay Aiken – “Wow..Cool”

It’s Always a Brighter Day When Clay Aiken Tweets!

Clay posted the following tweet Thursday morning!

I think it is one of his most humorous tweets yet!

The entertainment website, PopDust published an article about Clay Aiken on Thursday:

Throwback Thursday: The Number One Song 10 Years Ago Today Will Surprise You

Close your eyes and picture the summer of 2003. What do you hear? A blast of  “Crazy In Love”  with wafts of “Get Busy” and “In Da Club?” Same with us.

Now open your eyes, and prepare for them to widen: The number one song ten years ago today was sung by Clay Aiken.

To be fair, this is not so absurd given the insane popularity of American Idol season 2 and the fact that the song in question, “This is the Night,” was reportedly inspired by 9/11. On top of this, Aiken finished second on Idol, and everybody loves an underdog.

Beyonce would swoop in the next week with “Crazy In Love” and enjoy a solid 8 week run at the top. Still, if you hopped in a time machine today and zapped 10 years in the past, it would’ve been a Clay Day.

Posted by Samantha Martin, the article certainly puts a different spin on the story than I have heard before, but it is nice to see the article, the great picture and a wonderful video of Clay singing This Is The Night.  Be sure and visit the site and why not leave a comment.  Those two things let the site and the writer know that when they write about Clay, they will get hits!  You can reach the site by clicking on POPDUST

Were you watching American Idol when Clay sang This Is The Night for the first time?  I was watching and it certainly made me smile.

Clay also sang the song at The Miss America Pageant

And…on May 28, 2003

Good Morning America

  • Clay Aiken released This Is The Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water as a CD single on June 10, 2003.
  • According to USA Today, US sales of the single sold 1,012,000 units –as of June, 2009.
  • The single was RIAA certified Gold and Platinum on July 13, 2003.
  • The single was at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles for 11 non-consecutive weeks.  It left the chart after 45 weeks.
  • This Is The Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water had the biggest first-week sales of any single since Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind (1997). It was also easily the best-selling single of 2003.


When was the last time you listened to This Is The Night?

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Wow..Cool”

  1. I watched and listened to "TITN" and smiled right along with you, Musicfan!! Not sure when I listened
    to it last but do listen to it regularly! And still smile – – but anything Clay sings – I smile – – a lot! 🙂

  2. I am glad to see Clay's tweets back on here – I thought they might be gone for good – – which wouldn't
    be very good!!

  3. I saw that article about Clay's song being number 1 10 years ago., What the heck were they talking about when they mentioned it had to do with 9/11? Huh? Great song, great performances as usual!!! I sure got a huge kick out of the girl at the airport wondering if he was related to Clay AIKEN…. CMSU!!!!!

  4. I listened to TITN yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that….and so on. It's on my Ipod playlist that I play everyday at work along with BOTW and Solitare among several others by Clay.

  5. Hmmm is Clay coming or going at the airport? Coming home from Mexico…..going to his next exotic vacation?? He's certainly a busy man these days!

    I think if I were that girl at the airport store I wouldn't have been able to complete a sentence or do my job so maybe it's a good thing she was clueless??? 🙂

  6. That tweet was so cute, nice to hear he's back, love him and enjoyed the video of This is the night! Thanks Musicfan xox

  7. Loved that Clay tweet, he is so funny.
    I don't understand the reference to 9/11 in regards to TITN, sometimes these articles don't make any sense what-so-ever!

  8. iloved that clay tweet amazingley funny im glad to hear hes back the last time i herd this is the night was lastnight as amater of fact isure did love the video

  9. I loved Clay's tweet, so funny. I had never heard TITN connected to 9/11. It doesn't make sense to me. I listened to him sing it on AI and last listened to it about a week ago. He sang it everywhere for the first few weeks after AI ended. Loved it!

  10. It's been too long since I listened to TITN. I guess I need to start listening to Clay more when I'm on the treadmill. It's been a while since Clay and I walked together. 😀

  11. I watched TITN and really enjoyed it. His tweet was really funny though. Of course he is the Clay Aiken. If I would have been that girl…I don't know if I could have said anything at all. I would probably be on the floor. Lol!!!!

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