Clay Aiken – News, Posts, and Pictures Are Always Fun!

It is always fun to start a new week with news from Clay Aiken!  Clay surprised  his fans with a post on his professional FaceBook page.  Did you see it?

Now, what kind of character do you think Clay plays in this show?

There was an interesting post on twitter  Monday morning.


It is always nice to see that the National Inclusion gets some special mentions? I hope each of you have or will respond to this tweet.  A re-tweet is good and so is a comment.

I have pictures, pictures, and more pictures from the National Inclusion Project Champions Gala!

Gift to all in attendance Saturday night!

Faye Parker and Musicfan

A free picture for all at the Silent Auction

Aron Hall, Director of Programs at the Silent Auction

Quilt made of Clay tee-shirts – by rcknrllmom for Silent Auction

Artwork at the Silent Auction

A special gift basket was at the the silent auction in memory of Marti Goucher.

Marti loved Clay and loved life and was an inspiration to all who knew her!

Always in Our Heart!

And this blog always needs pictures of Clay…

OK Clay…Wanna share that text?

What do you see up there?

Have a wonderful Tuesday…Lets all hope that we hear from Clay “soon”.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – News, Posts, and Pictures Are Always Fun!

  1. Cool pic of you and Faye Musicfan!! I was shocked when during the photo's being shown up on the screen during Clay's last song, there was one of ME with my girlfriends. Did I say that already the other day? STILL shocked, lol! Clay did tell us not to "blink" when he makes his cameo on Law and Order, but I'll take it! I have pause and rewind on my tv, so all is good!

  2. Thanks so very much, MusicFan – these picture are all so great – especially love my gold Key Chain
    and early pic of Clay – special keepsake for sure! Love the pic of you and Faye – I got one of her and
    I, also!!! The Silent Auction had so many nice items and I hope they made out well – it was a great
    opportunity to meet so many fans there. Hoping to hear from Clay – soon – also!

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures from the GALA. I was unable to go due to a last minute hospitalization and the pictures were a real treat for me. That is a great picture of you and Faye, Musicfan. It looks like a good time was had by all.
    Now about Clay being on SVU, I think he will be the person who discovers the body. I remember in the Spamalot program so many in Spamalot had been on at least one of the Law and Order shows. Several actors put down on their bio that they had not been on the show. Clay will be wonderful I am sure of that. I am looking forward to watching it.

  4. thanks verry much for al the great pictures i cant wait to see clay on suv no dought in my mind hell do amazingley well and dont worry clay i wont blink

  5. Thanks as always for the WONDERFUL pics! When I get home, will DEFIANATELY be setting VCR for next week. EEEEEEE for Clay being on TV again!!!!!

  6. The pictures are great. I just love coming here to see what you’ve put together. You’re doing a great job. Clay would be proud.

  7. I think I saw you on Frriday night.I learned Saturday night you dont say cant at a NIP gala. When I was leaving the hotel sent a svu to the hall. I said I cant get in that . the step is too high, I cant do it. and this nice woman took my arm and said yes you can because we are going to help you. AND I DID IT!!!I can hardly wait till next year.

  8. I was so happy to see the photo of you and Faye. Now I can put a face with all of your posts Musicfan. Sounds like a good time was had by all at the Gala. Maybe I'll get there one day in the future.

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