Clay Aiken On TV Tonight!!

Be sure and watch Clay Aiken on Law & Order, SVU tonight on NBC!

As we wait to see Clay Aiken on Law & Order, SVU tonight, I thought we might remember some other times that Clay was acting on TV.  I found 9 different shows.

Nick at Night Holiday Special 11- 28 – 03

Ed 1-23-04

Saturday Night Live 2-7-04

Scrubs 2-15-05

Days of Our Lives 12-26-06

America’s Next Top Model 4-30-08

30 Rock 5-14-09

Drop Dead Diva 7-24-11

The Office 5-10-13

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Aiken (is) no slouch in the acting department with guest-starring roles on 30 Rock and Scrubs, as well a slew of theater roles including a starring turn on Broadway in Spamalot

Yep…Aiken is a true talent!

Have you seen all of these roles that Clay played?

Do you have a favorite?


Be sure and watch Clay tonight on TV and then come on over and let us know what you think!  I am already excited!



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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken On TV Tonight!!

  1. OH! Wow! This is special – I don't know how I missed the very first one, but every other show was
    watched and taped and loved!!!! All of them!!! I did see the first Christmas one on video – and cannot
    pick a favorite. Will be watching and taping tonight – can't wait!! <3

  2. Oh yes yes yes! I have seen ALL of those shows when Clay was on! One of my favorites is when he was singing the duo with Bing Crosby. It STILL gets to me when I see it. David Bowie's version pales in comparison to Clay's. He certainly is "no slouch" when it comes to acting!! Go go go Clay! Can't wait for the show tonight!!

    • I agree. I burned that song just by itself so it plays over and over again. I do that especially when I'm driving.

  3. Yes, have to agree no slouch & he is such a versatile entertainer. Takes on each part famously. ,including accents when needed. I agree , loved him with Bing Crosby. He was adorable in scrubs and if hav'nt seen the interview Ken Jenkins did , look it up . Perfectly said.

  4. I've seen all except for the last one. I don't remember reading any notice that he will be on The Office.

  5. I have watched the Nick at Night with Clay and Bing countless times on line. Didn't see it when it was live. Isn't it a beautiful mix! I missed Days of Our Lives…had no idea that Clay would be on it. Now I don't miss anything, because I follow CANN and you always give us a heads up on all things Clay. Thanks a million.

  6. Yes, I've seen all those with Clay on UTube and Clay was great, one of my favorites was on Days of Our Lives, looking forward to see him tonight. Thanks Musicfan

  7. I've seen all the shows that Clay has been on. Loved all of them, but I liked how he had a larger role in the "Drop Dead Diva" show, and was the bad guy.

    Looking forward to seeing Clay tonight.

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