Clay Aiken – Which Is The Best -Stage or TV For Clay?

This is the third Year-in Review article.  I am only covering two events today and they are not in order.  This was done so that today’s article would not be too long. Joseph will be covered tomorrow!

An apology for posting an incorrect picture yesterday is necessary.  I posted a backstage picture of Clay at Drowsy Chaperone and called it from American Idol.  Fortunately, you were all polite and no one called me out!  Thanks.

May 7-12, 2013 – The Drowsy Chaperone – The Raleigh Memorial Auditorium.

It was an exciting day when it was announced that Clay Aiken was going to play the role of Man in Chair in North Carolina Theatre’s production of the award-winning musical The Drowsy Chaperone.  The play ran from May 7th through May 12th in the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

The Drowsy Chaperone, subtitled, “A Musical Within a Comedy” is an old-fashioned musical- with a twist.  Man in Chair was a surprisingly non-musical role for Clay.  He played the show’s narrator who is the audience’s adept guide through his favorite record.

I was lucky enough to see the show on opening night.  The following are some of my thought from the night:

Brilliant – Superb – Inpressive!!  Clay was all that and more as he debuted in the Drowsy Chaperone on Tuesday night.

Clay Aiken made a successful return to the stage of the North Carolina Theatre starring as the quirky Man in The Chair.

The play began in a darkened theatre.  Suddenly, a voice was heard and we knew that Clay had become the character he was portraying.

The show was so much fun.  It was campy, silly, and poignant.  The entire cast was amazing.  Each person played their part in a truly professional way.

Some of my favorite things…

1.  Hearing Clay’s voice coming through the darkened theatre. It was no longer Clay, but The Man In The Chair.

2.  Watching Clay’s face…every emotion was shown on his expressive face.

3.  The costumes were beautiful.

4.  Watching Aldolpho get through his costume mishap and making the audience wonder if it was planned.

5.  I loved watching Clay dance around on the stage, trying to keep up with the cast.

6.  Watching the MITC turn from happy to sad…each emotion was played perfectly.

7.  Loved the intermission…it was Clay standing center stage, unwrapping and eating a Power Bar.

8.  Clay greeted each fan at the stage door.  He had to be tired, yet he took the time to thank each person for being there.

The audience was on their feet at the end.  Clay and the entire cast put on a wonderful show and it was nice to see them get love from the audience.

Clay received much positive press from local press and the Broadway press.  Both Playbill and BroadwayWorld  had wonderful reviews.

Roy C. Dicks, a Triangle theatre critic said:

One would have expected Leavel to be stellar (which she was), but the big surprise was Aiken. In this non-singing role, he proved to be an astute comedian, landing his punch lines with consummate skill and making the reclusive character endearing in a subtle, knowing performance. It’s on until Sunday — I highly recommend it.

Susie Potter of Arts and Entertainment said:

…Aiken is, as one might expect, the star of the show. From the moment he was revealed onstage at the opening night performance, the audience simply couldn’t get enough of him. He did not, however, use his loyal fan base as an excuse to hold back on the performance. Though Aiken does not sing in the role, he steals the show time and time again with his perfect delivery of the character’s comedic commentary, and the man really knows how to milk a moment. During the “intermission” of the record, Aiken has his character eating a Power Bar and almost oblivious to the audience for a full two minutes or so. These types of antics and the fact that the story’s somewhat bittersweet ending is played up nicely, create an uncomfortable type of comedy and give the story an edge it often lacks in more mundane performances…

These are wonderful pictures!

November 6, 2013 – Law & Order, SVU – NBC

On October 9th, Taylor Hicks tweeted that both he and Clay Aiken would be on Law & Order, SVU.  Taylor seemed excited and shared the news with all.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a crime drama television series. It airs on NBC and  premiered in September, 1999.

The website, wrote the following about the November 6th episode:

The star of a singing reality-competition program is accused by a four-year-old student from his day job of molesting her. Rollins believes he should be handled delicately so his media and professional lives are not disrupted. Benson’s investigation reveals the need to pursue him publicly and forget any potential damage to his careers. As more victims come forward, though, the man refuses to admit his crimes, and the team must devise a new strategy.

The website, is All Alabama  They said the following about Taylor and Clay:

…”Because Clay and I come from the TV world, we know what it’s like,” Hicks said. “We also understand what a struggling artist goes through on a primetime network talent competition. Clay might be one of the hardest-working guys who’s ever come off (‘American Idol’). I admire his work ethic. He knows what it takes to stay relevant after that show. Ashanti was great, too.  We all had a wonderful time.”…

Clay’s role on the show was short, but the amount of promotion that went out about the episode was excellent and each guest actor got lots of praise.

There were lots of pictures of backstage and even some screencaps.  It is always great to see Clay Aiken on TV.

 Did you see The Drowsy Chaperone?

Which is your favorite – TV Clay or StageClay?

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Which Is The Best -Stage or TV For Clay?

  1. I admire both sides of Clay – he is a star anyway I see and hear him. I have not been able to see
    any of his stage appearances but everything indicates he can do both and excel at both! He always
    manages to shine bright for me. <3

  2. I didn't make it to see The Drowsy Chaperone, *sob* but I heard he was wonderful! Saw some clack too! He's outstanding no matter what he does, nor how long he's got the camera on him. Love him!

  3. Ditto to all the above comments. Missed him in theatric performances, but I have no doubt, Clay was spectacular in whatever he does. However, I didn't miss him when he appear on The Office, La Law Special Victims and Arsenio Hall Show. Can't wait until 2014 to see him! Love you, Clay!

  4. What I love about Clay is that he's good at so many different things. You never know where he's going to pop up next! Hard to really pick a favorite, I just enjoy the variety. It's nice to be a fan of someone who is so dynamic.

  5. Having watched “TV” Clay, “Stage” Clay, and “Live” Clay over the past ten years, I believe nothing beats his live performances in which he is 100% himself, displaying a superb vocal talent; a warm, teasing, and self-deprecating sense of humor; recognition of and interaction with his audiences; and honest thankfulness for all the opportunities he has had in the business.

    In second place, I prefer “Stage” Clay because he can slip so easily into a personality totally unlike himself. Clay positively morphs into the comedic Sir Robin, the sophisticated and somewhat eccentric Drowsy Chaperone, or the misunderstood Joseph whose tragedy turns to triumph. I remain astonished at the emotional range he can deliver.

    There is no doubt TV has put Clay on the map via “American Idol”. I tune into all of the news, interviews, spot appearances, etc. But TV is essentially a cold media. To experience the fullness of Clay, I must have access to CLAY LIVE!

    Thanks for taking on the task of 2013 highlights for Clay! All the memories are sincerely appreciated.

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