Clay Aiken – A Gold Star Day!

Get out your calendar! Find Friday, April 11, 2014 and put a big GOLD STAR on the space.  It was a great day for Clay Aiken, the democratic party and the state of North Carolina!

The Cook Political Report changed their rating of the 2nd Congressional District in North Carolina.  Yes…because of Clay Aiken and his excellent campaign, people are re-evaluating the up-coming election.

On Wednesday, April 9th, Clay sat down with David Wasserman who follows the Congressional races for The Cook Political Report.  Wasserman found that Clay “was better-versed and more in-depth than plenty of state legislators” he had met.

The following e-mail from Gene Conti tells more about the importance of this rating.

We are excited to announce that the Cook Political Report just moved the NC 2nd Congressional District out of the “solid Republican” column. That’s because of Clay — and you.
Yes, the Report acknowledged, the district has been “heavily gerrymandered” to help the incumbent. But it added:
“In an hour-long interview in our offices, Aiken was not only polished and poised, but relaxed, free-wheeling, persuasive, and politically realistic. He spoke passionately and fluently on a range of issues, from trade promotion authority to No Child Left Behind to continuous coverage provisions of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.”
The article’s author credited Clay for his “policy depth.” And he said, “those tempted to label Democrat and 2003 American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken a clueless celebrity wandering blindly onto the political scene should think again.”
This campaign is going to continue to surprise the political establishment. Clay isn’t your typical candidate. He’s a true advocate for the people of the 2nd District, and he’s tough enough to take on Washington. With your help, we can win this election.
Gene Conti
Senior Adviser
Clay Aiken for North Carolina
PS – Chip in $10 today to help us win:
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Craig Jarvis at the – Under The Dome wrote a short article about Clay and the Cook Political Report.  He said:

Daylight for Aiken comes after the Report sat down with him and came away impressed with his grasp of the issues, passion and sense of political realism.

You can read the entire article by Jarvis at newsobserver

So…a great day!  It is exciting to see that because of preparation, hard work, and a deep interest in making a difference, Clay is being  taken seriously.


On April 10th, Clay was a special guest at a  Reception / Fund Raiser at the home of Bob Page & Dale Frederikson in Greensboro NC.  According to all reports, its was an exciting evening and it was a full-house.  Fortunately, there was a photographer at the event.  One of the hosts, Bob Page, shared the pictures on his Facebook page.  A big thank you to both Bob and the photographer, Gary Palmer.

The hosts with their adopted twin sons

Check out the “guy” in the dark glasses!!

The rest of the pictures can be seen at


And, don’t forget…if you click on the picture, it will expand to the original size!!


 Congratulations to Clay Aiken!

 You are prepared and have been working hard and listening to what the voters want.

I look forward to writing about Congressman, Clay Aiken!


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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Gold Star Day!

  1. This is the best coverage yet!!!! Great pictures especially the ones on Bobpage. Also loved the articles. He seems to be doing great. Thanks Musicfan

  2. Such wonderful reports about Clay, he's amazing, love the photos Martha, very excited for Clay to win in the Primary!! xo

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