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It is always fun when there is up-to-date news to report about Clay Aiken and his campaign for Representative of the 2nd Congressional District in North Carolina.  Tuesday was filled with exciting mentions and news.

The Alamance County Democratic Party has an active Facebook page.  They posted the following graphic of all their candidates.  Clay looks great in this group!


The North Carolina Democratic Party updated their website this week.  They have a section titled GOOD NEWS ABOUT DEMOCRATS!  They have two pictures and mentions about Clay Aiken:

Second Congressional District Congressional Candidate Clay Aiken at the State Convention.

Second Congressional District Candidate Clay Aiken gave a heartfelt and humorous speech about why the district’s incumbent needs to be brought home.

The members of the Democratic Men shouted their agreement. The entire nation is focused on Clay’s dramatic campaign.

Yes, Clay is bringing attention to North Carolina in a positive way!


Are you looking for some political experience?  If so, ClayForNC is looking for some help.  The following was posted on their Facebook page and they followed with a tweet:

We’re looking for interns! Finance/Fundraising, Communications/Digital, and Grassroots Organizing opportunities available.

Email to learn more.


The Newsobserver – Under The Dome published an article about Clay’s new fundraiser.

John Frank on June 18, 2014 – Clay Aiken will sing for ‘diamond’ donors

Clay Aiken is tapping his “American Idol” fan base to raise money for his congressional campaign, offering a personally recorded song to the top donors.

The Democrat’s campaign recently sent an email to 1,000 fans who had already contributed to the campaign asking them to join the CA4NC Circle at one of four levels: Loyalty, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

“You’ve been with Clay from the very beginning and have supported him through every minute of the last 11 years,” wrote Nick Leisey, a longtime Aiken friend who recently joined the campaign as finance director. “Your enthusiasm and support continues to be crucial, this time in helping him claim the seat in NC’s 2nd District.”

The Diamond level is reserved for those who give $5,200, the maximum allowed contribution to the campaign. The personalized recording comes on an autographed CD with a handwritten note from Aiken, who finished runner-up on the reality TV show in 2003.

The lower-level donors are entered into a raffle to win their own recording…..

….The minimum donations to join the circle at the Loyalty level begin at less than $10 and include entry into weekly raffles for Aiken-related prizes.

“We want to give people who feel invested in Clay’s career for the last decade a way to feel more invested in the campaign,” said campaign spokeswoman Tucker Middleton….

You can read the entire article at NEWSOBSERVER.

What a smart fundraiser.  The team is reaching out to all loyal fans.  The loyalty circle is something everyone can afford.  I hope the team makes a TON of money to help Clay on his journey to Washington D.C.

Recording Beautiful Music

If you would like to be a part of the Circles fundraiser and didn’t receive an e-mail, please contact CANN and we can help you get the link.


If you could have Clay record just one song for you, what would it be?


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  1. In what ever time we have, or can you feel the love tonight…are a few of the songs I would love to hear him record.

  2. I can't think of a favorite song I would love to hear him sing because anything he would sing would be amazing. The suggestions I have seen on the message boards have been perfect! I hope we get to hear some of them!

  3. So nice to hear up to date news & photos. As usual he looks wonderful. I too would have a terrible time choosing just 1 song. But I would probably choose "This is the moment".

  4. I notice the sites are FULL of haters again. I wish everyone would just ignore them!!! I know it's difficult to read this "crap" but we need to support Clay and ignore haters. Let's all stay POSITIVE!!!

  5. My choice is Man of La Mancha's "The Impossible Dream". And I'm getting it! I've joined the Diamond Circle. It gives me enormous happiness to support Clay's run for Congress. Getting my dream recording is the sugar on top.

  6. Clay and Nick have come up with a great idea to raise the $$ needed for the campaign. If I lived in NC, I'd be tempted to apply for the intern job. Of course the last time I volunteered for a campaign, I stuffed envelopes. Don't think they need that kind of volunteer anymore! Ha Ha! I think I would choose 'In My Life' for a recording by Clay.

  7. I would love to have a copy of the song Clay sang at the end of last year's gala. I do not know the title of the song even though I have searched for the lyrics on the Internet. I call it "You Are The Song". Does anyone have the correct title for this gorgeous rendition?

  8. I have a chance at winning a personal recording by being in the Gold circle. I'm thinking "I, I Who Have Nothing" … is that dramatic enough? *g* If only… GO CLAY GO!!!!! BTW I volunteered to stuff envelopes but haven't heard back from TC yet…

  9. I also joined the Diamond Circle and if I should be so lucky to win, I would choose the song that I keep hearing him sing in my head all the time which is "You Were Always On My Mind". Can't you just hear him singing it with a voice that touches the very depths of your soul?

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