Clay Aiken – Duets Are Good!

There is a wonderful new interview with Clay at the New York Times!  Clay talked with Jim Rutenberg.  According to the website:

A version of this interview appears in print on September 28, 2014, on page MM12 of the Sunday Magazine with the headline: ‘Every Once in a While, You Have to Sing a Duet’. 

The following is a few moment from the interview.

 Times – Clay Aiken Takes Lessons From ‘American Idol’ to the Campaign Trail

If you look at Washington and all of its problems, what could it learn from a show like “American Idol”? I think it would be a much better place as a country if both parties said: “Here are our ideas. Which ones do you like? And then once you’ve chosen, let’s come together and figure out how to make it work.” Every once in a while, you have to sing a duet — that’s the first time I’ve ever said that, and I’ll probably never say it again.

You won’t sing on the campaign trail. Are you worried that people will think you’re a lightweight? I do recognize that there is a challenge in getting people to see me as a candidate, as a public servant, as a leader. To a lot of people, I’m still that 24-year-old from “Idol.” So many folks tell me, “Oh, wow, you’re a lot older than I thought you were.”…

You can read the entire article at NEWYORKTIMES   I also love the new picture from the article.  I wonder if there will be more pictures in the Magazine on Sunday.

Picture by Christian Oth – New York Times


Clay sent out a wonderful video message.  I hope you will watch it and respond!!


AND…Pass The Word!!!


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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Duets Are Good!

  1. What a wonderful article! It highlights Clay’s lifetime interest in politics, his wit and humor, and his honest assessment of what needs to be done in Congress. Kudos to the photographer for capturing Clay just as he is!

    The campaign is coming down the homestretch. Let’s all donate what we can to Clay’s win. The country needs every Congressman or Congresswoman it can get who is dedicated to serving the American people!!

  2. Geez Martha, soon you are going to need to do hourly updates instead of Mid day reports. Clay has the momentum going. Great job Team Clay!! LOVE THE NEW PICTURE!!

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