Clay Aiken – Making A Difference!

Today, I am posting a few pictures of Clay Aiken. Sometimes it’s important to remember some of the reasons you are supporting Clay Aiken. I hope that each picture puts a smile on your face and produces a pull on your heart.

Clay…We support you, love you and respect you. May your life be filled with joy and love!!

Do any of these pictures put a smile on your face?


As always, when there is up-to-date news about Clay’s campaign, I will post here.

I hope you will check in !

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Making A Difference!

  1. As always, Clay putting others needs above his own. He was born to Serve, to Lead & to Love, with the biggest heart of them all. He is leaving indelible footprints where ever he goes. Changing hearts and minds 1 at a time, with that oh so amazing, ever so passionate voice. Thank you Clay Aiken, and Gods speed………as you continue on this journey of yours.

  2. They all make me smile. Clay definitely has a heart of gold. This heart will make him a great representative for NC.

  3. I love all these pictures. I especially like the bottom 2. He always looks & sounds great. I can't believe there is only 62 days to the election. Keep it going Team Clay!!!

  4. Clay knows how to hold and talk to babies… shows he has had some practice in the past. It is fun to see how Clay has matured over the years by looking at the photos. He has certainly progressed in his self confidence. Handsome photo of Clay at Flawsome event.

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