1. I sure would love to attend that ice cream event! Anybody know how far from Raleigh this is taking place? Getting excited! Getting excited!!!! On my way tomorrow morning to Raleigh for the Gala! Hope to see lots of you there!!

  2. Sounds like it was a wonderful time, wish I could have been there, Clay is doing wonderfully well, so happy for him. Thanks Musicfan xox

  3. Sounds like it was a great event, Clay is doing wonderfully well, so happy for him! Thanks Musicfan xox

  4. Sure looks like the event last night was a success….I'm so excited for Clay. He sure is working hard. Gay, it's about an hour drive west of Raleigh. I'm looking forward to everything this weekend!!!!!!

  5. Its good to know that it is not just Clay's fans from his Idol days who are donating and following his run for Congress. People in and out of the state of NC are jumping on his bandwagon and working for his campaign for change.

  6. So excited for everyone going to the Gala and to campaign fund raising events. Prayers that the Gala s a huge success, Clay in perfect golden voice, and many staying post Gala to help with campaign. Joining you in spirit. Sending lots of love to all the faithful and all the new supporters Clay is winning, both for his charity and his political campaign. Thanks again to musicfan for wonderful coverage of all events!

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