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The Clay Aiken Shopping List Just Got A Bit Longer!

  • Map of North Carolina
  • GPS
  • Comfortable Bus
  • Gas
  • Posters
  • Balloons
  • Streamers
  • Charger for phone/iPad
  • Plenty of snacks
  • Microphone

The Clay Aiken Campaign Bus Tour is ready to roll!

Yes…Clay Aiken is hitting the road.  Read the following article: Under The Dome – Aiken plans campaign bus tour

by Lynn Bonner

Clay Aiken is planning a three-week campaign bus tour through the 2nd Congressional District beginning next week.

Aiken, a Democrat who rose to fame as an “American Idol” contestant, is challenging two-term incumbent Congresswoman Renee Ellmers of Dunn.

The Aiken campaign didn’t offer up a schedule, but is publicizing a community Town Hall meeting in Randolph County on Oct. 15.

Campaign spokeswoman Tucker Middleton said Aiken plans to spend Oct. 15 through Election Day on the bus tour.

The Republican-leaning district covers all or parts of nine counties, including suburbs in western Wake County, parts of Harnett and Chatham, Fort Bragg and the neighborhoods around it, Moore, and most of Randolph.

The article is posted HERE
I think this is a brilliant idea.  Clay will have the opportunity to visit almost all of the 2nd Congressional District and meet so many people.  And think of that bus coming into town.  It’s certainly something that will stand out in people’s memories.  It reminds me of the old campaign trains from many years ago!!  What do you think??

Screencap by Cotton


On Tuesday night, Clay was one of 6 speakers at a political meeting in Dunn, North Carolina. Rep. Renee Ellmers also spoke at the event. According to the Dunn Chamber:

The Governmental Affairs Committee of the Dunn Chamber held a very successful Candidates Forum for Candidates for NC House, NC Senate and US Congress. All six candidates came well prepared and presented their views well.

The Dunn Chamber posted the following picture on their Facebook site.

Candidates for US House of Representatives District 2 Renee Ellmers and Clay Aiken


Did you know that Clay Aiken has a two page spread in Rolling Stone Magazine?  It is the October 7th issue.  A big thank you to Idyjocelyn for scanning the pages so we can read the article.  Remember, if you click on the pictures, it will increase in size so you can read the article.


So…now it is Thursday and I bet that Clay Aiken and his team have a full and exciting day planned.  I hope that whatever they are doing, someone will be there to share the excitement with all of us!!

As always, if something exciting pops up during the day, I will post it here…so…I hope you will check in later!!

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Dust Off The GPS

  1. 26 days until the election, Wow. Team Clay is doing a wonderful job!! He really has the momentum going his direction. Keep it up!

    Thanks Musicfan

  2. Oh boy! It's like the old days when candidates use to ride in the trains and stop in every town to get the votes from people! Clay is no stranger to tour busses is he! He's going to be exhausted but oh so happy to meet every single person in District 2! Brilliant Clay!! Brillant!!

  3. The bus tour is a wonderful idea because it demonstrates to the men and women of District 2 how sincere Clay is to serve them. Meeting Clay always strikes a positive experience!

    Clay is an astute thinker who has done his homework regarding the state of Congress these days. He is a diligent worker who will fight for the betterment of people in District 2. Unlike Congresswoman Ellmers, who is able to speak only in "glittering generalities", Clay will focus on getting something done. He is a serious organizer, can find common ground to begin negotiations, and respects the opinions of others.

    To anyone who would like a representative in office who can spark an end to Congressional gridlock, Clay should be your choice.

  4. Wonderful post Martha as always, thanks. So excited for Clay, he's so full of energy, he deserves to win, wish I could see him with his bus going around districts, should be exciting!

  5. Thanks for putting up the RS article. Glad to see Clay there again. I'm sure Clay using his tour bus this way will gain him a LOT of votes and he will meet LOTS of his fellow North Carolinians. I'll just bet it was Clay's idea too, we all know he has done that for YEARS, greeting us after concerts and shaking hands with us in the bus lines.

  6. When I was at the grocery store today I looked for the Rolling Stone mag. They didn't have it so I guess I'll have to stop at Barnes & Nobel. Clay always did like riding the tour bus so he should feel right at home. Enjoying all the articles you post here.

  7. Thanks Martha for another great update. I have let everything slide so I can follow everything I find about Clay. Fortunately, Deb on the OFC is doing a wonderful job of bringing all she can to our "Clay for Congress" thread in All About Clay. Loved the Rolling Stone article and love that they have continued to follow his career. Although we all want him to keep singing, he has a much more important road to follow and I hope that leads him straight to the Capitol.

  8. oh wow im so verry excited great news clay is so full of energy imk glad clay has anther tour bus this time clay can go around clay does deserve to win clay is a verry stute thinker and he sure did his home work he will meet many northcarolinia people and clay will concentrate on getting things done i can also imagian seing clay going on his tour bus

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