Clay Aiken – A Part-time New Yorker

Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leavin’ today
I want to be a part of it
New York, New York
These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it
New York, New York
I want to wake up, in a city that never sleeps
And find I’m king of the hill
Top of the heap
These little town blues, are melting away
I’ll make a brand new start of it
In old New York
If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you, New York..New York
By this time, I am sure you know that Clay Aiken blogged on Sunday afternoon. I posted it here right away!!! It was exciting to see the Red Letters announcing that Clay had a message for us.
One of the many interesting things that Clay shared was that he was busy packing because:
After almost nine years of living exclusively in NC, I’m in the process of moving to NYC part time. I’ll be splitting time between NC and NYC, but splitting 12 years worth of furniture and stuff into two much smaller homes — selling a lot of it and giving a lot away — is making me pull my hair out!!!
The entertainment and media worlds are in NYC, so that’s where I likely need to be for a year or so. I’ll still be incredibly present in NC, as it is always where I call home and it’s where I want to continue to try to do whatever I can to make positive change.
Change and growth are necessary, no doubt. It’s time to grow and change and embrace new opportunities.
Another thing that made me smile while reading the blog was this:
…I AM NOT STOPPING SINGING and I AM NOT DISAPPEARING…You also need to hear this…. I could never stop singing. Singing WILL happen, just likely through different avenues than we may have been spoiled by in years past. I just need to find different ways to use my voice too… while I still have it.
Clay ended his beautiful blog with the following:
…I love you ALL with a STRENGTH that you may never believe nor understand.
I look forward to whatever is coming for us all in 2015…
Of course, Clay had a lot more to say in his blog.  Be sure and go over to the Official Fan Club and read the entire blog.  I think you will enjoy every word.  OFC
So…Clay has spend a lot of time in New York over the past 12 years…do you remember these occasions??

Wachovia Bank opening – July 28, 2003

Sardis Restaurant – December 23, 2008

Working Hard at Cafe Metro for Celebrity Apprentice

In Bryant Park for Summer Concert for Good Morning America. July 29, 2005

Carnegie Hall – Judge, Clay Aiken – February 18, 2012

Saturday Night Live – February 7, 2004

NY Subway ride with Tyra Banks –

Of course, Clay has spent lots of time in the theatre district and probably knows Time Square, Shubert Alley, and Broadway like a pro.

I look forward to learning more about Clay’s new pathway.  It sounds like it will be an amazing trip that we will all enjoy!!

Have you ever spent time in New York City??

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Part-time New Yorker

  1. I've never been to NYC but we sure know Clay has! Loved the blog! Been seeing it posted everywhere since Clay said it could travel. I know Clay has mentioned the CV board but there's another new board called Clay Aiken Today = CAT. Check us out!

  2. Wow I wonder what prompted this? Did he get a job there? Everything Clay does is always exciting. It will be fun to watthanks Martha for this exciting news Thanks Martha for this exciting news.

  3. I worked on Long Island many years ago. Travelled to NYC several times to see shows while I lived in Phila. It is such an exciting city! Can hardly wait to learn what Clay is up to now. He never disappoints. Just love all of the photos of Clay over the years.

  4. Clay probably has pages of NY memories: Singing National Anthem at Yankee Stadium 2003, Macy's Parade, Rockefeller Center tree lighting (remember him on skates?), Spam of course, many TV appearances (including MTV), and so much more. Thanks for the great photo highlights here! Before Spamalot, my last visit to NYC had been in 1971! Hope I'll get to go back again to see Clay in something spectacular soon! Wonderful blog – thanks for sharing.

  5. This has to be the most timely incredible blog ever written by him! A multi blessing from heavens door! This blog brings renewed hope and joy for many! You can't put a value on such a deep meaningful string of much impact to the heart! Up until the blog I was in a foggy daze what this mans next moves were..and now he's let the warm sunshine in..and it feels oh so good…

  6. I am so glad we heard from Clay. I am glad he is moving to NY. There are so many opportunities for him. I feel that he would not be moving if he didn't have some wonderful thing in his future.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. I read this blog everyday.

  7. Don’t envy the moving & packing of furniture, but happy for the NYC move! More job opportunities, exciting city to live. Hope he finds something in entertainment—so I have a reason to go . Luv NYC! alice

  8. Yes…start spreading the news!!!

    I am excited for Clay. He has so much to offer and is so smart. I wish him all the best in his move, new opportunities, and whatever direction he is going to. Thanks musicfan!!

  9. What a great surprise!!!!!!! I love the way Clay expresses his feelings for us, It made me cry and so love by him. I wish Clay joy and happiness! 2015 will be his year to succeed and we will be here for him.

  10. Also excited about what's going to happen with Mr. Clay in 2015!!!! I don't think his love for the fans will ever die!!!!! I know my love for him will always be here in my heart!!! Echoing JudyAnnAnderson… Start spreadin' the news!!!! We ALL love you Clay as much as you love us!!!!

  11. That's great news Martha!!! So excited to watch what's in store for Clay this 2015. Just wish I could read the whole blog…. I am not yet a member of the OFC, hence can't access it. Are they still accepting new members? Love all the pictures as always!!! Thanks CANN!!!

  12. oh wow what a interesting surprise i sure do love the way clay expresses himself and his feelings for us all im also a bit excited whats going to happen with clay in this 2015 year and i dont think his love for his cay fans wil never die i wish clay all the best on his new move new opertunateys new things im glad that clay said im not stoping singing thank god and im glad also that he said hes not disapearing clay good luck i wish you joy happyness

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