Clay Aiken – TV Personality!

For the last week, NBC has been pushing the finale of Celebrity Apprentice – Season 7.  The finale of the show was on Monday night…

A Huge congratulations to Leeza Gibbons for becoming the new Celebrity Apprentice.

I am not a huge fan of Celebrity Apprentice, but I certainly watched every bit of season 5…you know, the season Clay Aiken won – oh wait…something went wrong!!!

There were 14 tasks for season 5.  The shows, along with the PR, made for many opportunities to see Clay and the rest of the cast.  Do you remember???

Check out the pictures and read the comment underneath!  The intelligent, handsome singer arose to every occasion and impressed so many people.  AND…we got to see him on TV every week!!!

Task 1 – Hero Worship

Task 2 – Getting Medieval

Task 3 – How Much Is That Celebrity in the Window

Task 4 – Failure to Launch

Task 5 – I’m Going To Mop The Floor

Task 6 – Party Like A Mock-Star

Task 7 – Walking Papers

Task 8 – Ad Hawk

Task 9 – Puppet Up!

Task 10 – Winning By A Nose

Task 11 – Jingle All The Way Home

Task 12 – Blown Away

Task 13 – And Then There Were Two

And The Winner Is…

Which task was your favorite??



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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – TV Personality!

  1. My favorite was the "Life's A Peach" task with the luau-themed party. I also enjoyed Clay's many accents and expressions when working with the puppets. His talent is amazing!

  2. Clay fielded an exceptional job on every one of his tasks, proving he can think on his feet, be astoundingly creative, work with all types of individuals, meet crushing deadlines, and raise impressive amounts of money. It is distressing that the competition’s winner had previously been determined. Unlike Clay, who graciously accepted the outcome, I lost all respect for The Donald and vowed never again to invite “Celebrity Apprentice” into my living room.

  3. My favorite was puppet-up segment, all those voices and his comedic timing was off the charts. Life's a Peach. came in a close second. Heartbroken at the end, when Trump trumped up his decision and didn't pick OMC for the winner, Clay won on all counts in my book.

  4. Love him on Puppet Up and Life's a Peach! Just goes to show OMC's not only a pretty face with the golden voice and a funny bone but a smart, honest and a shrewd project manager as well… Too bad Mr. Trump made a very bad decision and chose the wrong winner.

    Thanks CANN!!!

  5. Watched every episode of CA season 5 more than once, that's the first time I watched CA because Clay was in it, he was great, Task 6 'Party like a mock star' was my favorite and 'Puppet Up', haven't watched it much since, congrats to Leeza for winning.

  6. Its had to pick a favorite. I liked how Clay helped "The Hulk" pronounce the words in #5. #6, party like a mock star had Clay singing "Under the Boardwalk" #9 Puppet Up showed Clay devilish humor. #13 the last challenge had Clay producing the exciting carnival. I didn't watch this year (or any other year). Saw the best, forget the rest.

  7. I loved all of them, but am particular to "Puppet Up". Clay is just so good at improv. Also loved the "Mop", when he helped Lou say his words, and how he stood up to Penn for being condescending. Clay should have won CA.

  8. Loved seeing Clay on Apprentice. It really showed how smart he is.

    My favorite project was the puppet one. Clay was soooo good.

    Many thanks for the reminders of the series.

  9. I liked all of them. The best one was the Hawaii party. Loved it!! I was sooooo disappointed when Clay didn't win. You can tell half way through The Donald was going to pick Arceino. I like Arcienio BUT he did NOT win!!!!! Clay's show was the best!! He made twice as much money on his task!!! On the finale when the other contestant's who they thought should win, Lisa, Debbie Gibson, Penn & Dee Snider all Clay. Trump had his mind made up way before the finale. TRAVESTY!!!!
    OK I'm done with my rant. Thanks so much for all you hard work Martha.

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