Clay Aiken – “Awesome Yet Again!”


On Saturday night, Clay Aiken sent out a cute tweet along with a picture.

Invite must’ve gotten lost in the mail! Who could forget this iconic SNL character? ha ha

Don’t you wish Clay had been on the show Saturday night?  I thought he was fabulous when he was a guest on the show!!


It was just a normal Tuesday night in February, 2012.  Nothing special was in the plan…The TV was set to  watch NCIS.

BUT……..WAIT……….Clay is in Biloxi, Mississippi???  On the stage of The Hard Rock Live Theater???  He is singing Open Arms with Kelly Clarkson???

I recall that I had no idea what happened on NCIS, but I sure had fun watching the tweets that came across the Internet.  It was so much fun seeing the positive comments from both Kelly and Clay fans.

The following are a few of the tweets that I found…

Have seen Kelly Clarkson 3 times in concert now & has been awesome yet again! A laser show & Clay Aiken made it more fun!

Had an awesome time tonight! Clay Aiken made a surprise appearance and sang Journey’s “Open Arms” with Kelly. Pictures coming soon!

@kelly_clarkson and Clay Aiken doing “Open Arms”. Journey woulda been proud

That moment at the @kelly_clarkson concert when Clay Aiken comes out for “open arms” duet. Thank you for tonight Kelly!

Clay Aiken sang Open Arms w Kelly…super cool! Heard the songs we wanted 🙂

Clay Aiken came on stage with Kelly Clarkson tonight and they did a surprise duet. (: it was awesome.

@kelly clarkson Thanks For Such a Great Show In Biloxi !!!!! Clay Aiken Was A GREAT Surprise!!! – VJBrendan – New Orleans!

@clayaiken and @kelly_clarkson sharing the stage again on V-day! I bet they sounded AMAZING 2gether 2 nite! ;~) 

I remember being excited that there were some pictures posted almost immediately!

The video of Clay and Kelly singing together is great.    

The performance was great and it is so much fun to see how excited the audience was when they saw Clay enter the stage.    


Do you remember this night?

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Awesome Yet Again!”

  1. Not only does this video highlight an incredible and memorable vocalization, but it also features the permanent bond between Kelly and Clay. Music is warm and wonderful when such devotion is obvious. I will forever cherish this version of “Open Arms”!

  2. Up bright and early this morning, and what a surprise to see this great video of Clay and Kelly performing "Open Arms", What a way to start the day! Thank you, musicfan for starting my morning with these two. And thank you, Clay for being a Godsend to us!

  3. That must have been such an awesome surprise for all in attendance. What a great way to spend the Valentines, with Kelly and Clay no less… 🙂 Wish I could travel back in time and witness it all in person…

    Thanks CANN!!!

  4. Never get tired of watching this video. Didn't see this concert in person, but so happy for youtube. Clay & Kelly so cute and such good friends.

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