Clay Aiken – A Busy Guy!


On Wednesday, Clay Aiken was in the news.  He was quoted in a news story, called out a company, trended on twitter, and took a boat ride!  He was a busy guy!

Clay was interviewed by ET.  The article was about Melissa Gilbert who just announced she was running for The House of Representative.  The following is the section of the article about Clay.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Launches Congressional Bid

Former American Idol finalist Clay Aiken, who lost his bid for Congress in 2014, weighed in on the challenges that may face Gilbert moving forward, most notably her owing taxes.

“That message that she gets out to respond to this particular issue is probably the most important thing she does in the next few weeks,” Aiken told ETonline. “That’s something that is going to be ripe for an attack ad from the opposition, and the opposition has already started hitting her on that. She’s got to start swinging already and that’s a challenge that’s beyond celebrity.”

The 36-year-old said that this may be Gilbert’s biggest obstacle, more so than her “celebrity” status. He did credit Gilbert for having leadership and political expertise.

“She’s got the expertise in knowing how to campaign and the expertise in how to run a non-governmental, but political, organization so she’s going into it with more experience than I did,” he added.

Aiken noted that Gilbert may have time on her side when it comes to overcoming the issue of her back taxes.

“If there is a saving grace for her, it is that scandals don’t tend to last that long in the political world,” he said. “Her opponent was probably irresponsible to bring it up now. She has between now until next October to answer to it, clean it up, fix it.”

It is nice that Clay seems to be ET’s “go-to guy” for political reporting.  They certainly picked the correct man.

If you would like to read the entire article, click on GILBERT .  The article is below the video.

August 13, 2014 – Fundraising on the Campaign Trail


On Tuesday, Clay posted the following statement on twitter:

 Bought a car & paid for it. It’s sitting on lot and I’m not allowed to take it b/c @volvocarsus can’t get its shit together. #dobettervolvo

On Wednesday, Clay still didn’t have his car.  He tweeted again:

Day THREE of being held hostage by

It seems that people felt sorry for Clay because all of a sudden Clay received LOTS of retweets about the problem…at this moment, he has 1,686.  In fact, these retweets pushed Clay to be trending in Melbourne, Australia. HA HA!

Personally, I think Volvo made a big mistake by not tweeting back.  I hope that the problem is solved “soon” and Clay will tweet that he has his new car!


Again, twitter was the source of some fun from Clay. Seems Clay was out to have a good time at the park.  He posted a crazy paddle boat ride video.  The video is on “high speed” and there is no sound, but it did show off some of the beautiful Pullen Park in Raleigh. And, what a great much to do with a child.

Did you know that Pullen Park is

  • The first public park in North Carolina
  • 5th oldest operating amusement park in the US and 16th oldest in the world
  • 66.4 acres


It looks like this would be a great place to visit!!


Rumor has it that Clay will be involved some more with American Idol this year.  I am glad that he will be seen on the show. Clay played an important part in the success of the show. I would think they must be very proud of his personal success.

American Idol Return – 2013

Lets hope we have some more busy days on the calendar!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Busy Guy!

  1. Dang it the little boat ride video wouldn't play for me, but I know it's my funky computer doing it, lol. I catch it later! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful information musicfan! You are the best!!

  2. What a beautiful park. Looks like a great day for it too. I guess I' m going to start recording ET. Good to see them calling on Clay for his perspective. Hope it continues!!

  3. Thanks for all the news Musicfan. I was away all yesterday, so am catching up. Love the little video.

  4. I saw the video of the boat ride, kept trying to get the sound, but no luck! Now, I know about the sound and speed! Seems Clay got a lot of exercise peddling the boat with Parker! Father and Son, having so much bonding time with each other!

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