Clay Aiken – The Voice!

May 6, 2008 – The day that On My Way Here, a beautiful album of music, was released by Clay Aiken.

On a quiet day, looking back and listening to this album is a great idea!

If you only have time for one video, check out the last one here.  It is especially good!

Do you have a favorite song from this album?

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Voice!

  1. Omwh is my favorite cd. There isn’t a song on the cd I don’t like. I think my favorite song is “where I draw the line.”

  2. I dearly love all the songs in this album, but "Something About Us" is my favorite! His voice is beyond belief: so pure and emotional! Thank you, musicfan~

  3. My favorite(s) are On My Way Here and Sacrificial Love. I'll never forget the excitement of downloading that album right after midnight.

  4. Nope, I don't have a favorite because every single ONE of those songs are my favorites!!! Seriously, I LOVE this album and it's in my car right now. I wish he had toured on this one, but sadly he didn't. It's his best work IMO. If it had been supported it would have made him a STAR all over again. It's THAT GOOD!!

  5. I loved this CD. are right…if only he had support. Clay has such a recognizable voice…it's just so clear and good. You just don't hear voices like Clay. The musicians were great on the CD as well.

  6. I think OMWH tells Clays story completely. He's been up, down, right, wrong, hurt & lied to. But his faith truly did conquer fear. It has always amazed me how strong he really is. Always landing on his feet. Thanks for all the videos Martha.

  7. Love this whole CD, one of his best ever, just wish he would have toured and now wish he would start singing again, miss that voice and that man

  8. I remember waiting anxiously the night this concert was going to be presented on the shopping channel. The ladies in the audience went wild for Clay. I did love all of the songs on the album, but Lover All Alone written by Clay was one of my favorites. Followed closely by Everything I Don't Need, with Clay's 'growl' and Something About Us, just beautiful.

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