Clay Aiken – A Special Political Contributor


There was excitement in the air when Clay Aiken appeared on Entertainment Tonight on Thursday evening. Clay was introduced as a special political contributor!

Clay was in Cleveland reporting in front of the venue where the GOP debates took place.  He looked right at home as he reported about the predictions for the debates.  He also spoke about Donald Trump and how people wondered how, as the front-runner, Trump would come across to the voters.  Clay spoke of working with Trump on Celebrity Apprentice and commented that Trump is passionate about his work.

Clay was introduced by ET host, Nancy O’Dell.  She said that Clay would be back on Friday  to give his take on the debate.

If you didn’t have a chance to see Clay on ET, the following link will take you to a video of him reporting the news.  CLAYONET


Clay has been on Entertainment Tonight many times in the last 13 years.  ET followed his journey on American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice and had Clay on the show many times as Clay traveled the world for UNICEF.   It was fun to see him on ET when they showed Clay on Spamalot and they even covered a photoshoot!  Do you remember these visits to ET?

Kelly and Clay plugging the Independent Tour

Photo Shoot

Clay’s trip to Mexico for UNICEF – 2007

Backstage at Spamalot

Taping of the video of The Way

I enjoyed seeing Clay on ET  Thursday night.  

I look forward to hearing more from Clay about his reflections of the GOP debate!

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Special Political Contributor

  1. OMG!!!!!! I was so excited when I saw this!! He will be an excellent political contributor. I saw as Twitter he was tweeting during the debate. (Of course this news brought out the "haters").
    That didn't change my excitement. I do think he is perfect for this kind of job.

  2. Clay looks right at home on TV, broadcasting! If one recalls, Clay wanted to be a TV host and now he's doing it! I'm anxious to get his views from the debate televised last night! ET and Clay are family. They love having him on their show!

  3. I was sitting on my back porch watching ET on my small TV when I saw Clay! I ran into the house and recorded the show. If I had known Clay would be in Cleveland, I would have driven the 2 miles to get there. I'm ready to watch ET tonight to see Clay again. He is looking good and still a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Clay was great. I had a friend, who hasn't seen Clay for so long, call me up last night, and was exploding with excitement!!!! It was so much fun listening to her. She has been depressed for a little while now, and this gave her such a boost. Amazing!!!!! Can't wait to see Clay more…I loved it.

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