Clay Aiken – A TV Star!

How many American Idol contestants have had the opportunity to star in two TV specials?  I am sure the list is very short, but on the top is Clay Aiken.

I would imagine there are many different emotions that evolve when you work as a star in a TV special…excitement, concern, happiness, frustration, pride, fear of failure…yes…it has got to be exciting, but a bit scary too.

The following video introduces Clay Aiken as the star of his PBS Special, Tried & True.  Watching this interesting video shows that being the star of a TV special  is a lot more than just showing up and performing.

Did you see both of Clay’s TV specials?

Did you see the PBS special live?

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A TV Star!

  1. I saw both TV specials, and have them both on DVDs. Enjoy watching his PBS one and traditionally his Christmas special around the holidays.

  2. Yes I did!!! Loved them both!! Couldn't make a choice of which one I liked better. Also I have both CD's. Quite a career!! I'm also loving the "mini" performances we have been getting on Saturday's from Periscope. I hope he keeps it up.

  3. I drove down to Raleigh to watch Clay tape the PBS special. How exciting that was! I did watch and enjoy his Christmas special. I have DVD's of both shows. I must add that when Clay acted as the the m.c. and also performed on the Am. Idol Christmas show just after A.I. 2, that was a preview of great things to come for Clay (and us).

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