Clay Aiken – Saturday Night Fun!


I am beginning to think that Saturday Nights are pretty nice…especially last night.  You just never know what to expect.

Clay Aiken surprised his followers by periscoping a song.  Late in the evening, he and his wonderful music director and pianist Ben Cohn, performed an excellent rendition of Open Arms.

You might enjoy these screen caps of the video by Deemer and lindylo:


If you have twitter, you can see the new periscope at Clays page.  If not, try the following links  to the periscope video. They work for me.  But remember, periscope videos are only active for 24 hours!





Do you remember the first time you heard Clay sing this song?



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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Saturday Night Fun!

  1. Clay loves to surprise us, now that he is on Periscope! Can”t wait until my twitter bird tweets and I can hear Clay sing or talk with us!

    Thank you, musicfan for showing the photos of OMC!

  2. For the first time since I figured out how to do Periscope I heard the tweet & got ready to listen to something special. The video came right on. After the very beginning of the song. Half way through it quit saying "lost connection trying to reconnect ". Never did. So I missed it!!! But thanks to you Martha, I got to watch it today. Hope it was a fluke. I'll take a mini performance every Saturday!!

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