Clay Aiken – Getting To Know The City

For the last few months, Clay Aiken has been living in New York City.  Besides being busy with radio and TV interviews, Clay has been involved with American Idol Auditions and he is also doing some writing.  But, Clay doesn’t just work.  He is getting to know the city and exploring to find exciting places and good food.

On Thursday evening, Clay visited one of his favorite NY restaurants.  Melba’s Restaurant in Harlem is known as the best place for southern comfort food.  This lovely restaurant in Harlem is famous for their Southern Fried Chicken and Egg Nog Waffles.  It is extremely affordable and serves generous portions and has good service.  No wonder Clay likes the restaurant!

While at Melba’s, Clay said hello to Michael Eric Dyson.  Dyson is a professor of Sociology at Georgetown University.  He is also a radio host and a published writer.  It sounds like it was a great evening for Clay…good food and good company!

The following are a couple of “fuzzy” pictures of Clay at Melba’s…thanks to twitter!

Clay was greeted by founder, Melba Wilson.

Melba and Clay were joined by Michael Eric Dyson


On Friday, American Idol posted a short, but fun video of last weeks auditions in Philadelphia.  Posted on both twitter and Facebook, the video shows Clay as the host of the day.  It is always fun to see videos of Clay.  I hope the link works for you!

The following are a few screen caps from lindylo:

As we start the week-end, I hope that we might get a bit of news from/about Clay.

 We might even get a fun Periscope video.  That would be lots of fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful week-end!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Getting To Know The City

  1. The pants! The pants! They are not baggy!!! LOL! All said in fun! I loved the little clip with Clay introducing the judges….he's such a natural!

  2. How cool is it to see Clay introducing AI judges? He looks great & Is a natural for job. I hope to get a Periscope tweet too. I just learned how to use it!!! BRING IT ON.

  3. The first thing I noticed was the slim pants that Clay is wearing…about time. I do hope AI will show some of Clay's time with the contestants during tryouts when the show returns. Glad Clay found some 'down home' food while he is in NYC.

  4. Clay looks like a natural, hosting and judging for American Idol. Love the new look and oh those skinny pants he is wearing! Be still my heart!

  5. clay indeed looks like a natural and how verry cool of clay to introduce the judges and the pants are not baggy i wonder though what that meeting with melba all about i sure hope a1 shows shows the auditions with clay im glad to hear clay got some down home food while hes in nyc

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