Clay Aiken – Run, Run, Run!

Yesterday was Super Tuesday #3 and Clay Aiken was very busy.  He was running from one TV studio to another to chat on-air about the Primary Election and the candidates.

Clay started the day with a very early call at Fox News.  Clay was interviewed on the show, Fox and Friends. 6:00am is awfully early to start a show.

Clay talked about his endorsement of Bernie Sanders and how he feels about Clinton and Trump.  It was a short interview, but excellent.  As usual, Clay was articulate and spoke with authority and knowledge.  The following are some screen caps and a YouTube of the show.

I am so glad we got the video of this show.

From the Fox & Friends studio, Clay traveled to CNN. Clay was on the  Brooke Baldwin Show again today.

Clay said to Brooke that he was done defending Trump and saying he was a nice guy. Trump is just not acting like the man he knew during Celebrity Apprentice. Clay was on for two segments of the show and spoke with conviction.  I believe that Clay gets more relaxed each time he is on the show.

But….it seems that some Trump fans were upset at what Clay said. So…Clay sent the following tweet:

Laughing at folks who r “throwing out” my albums bc I dont support him. If ur a str8 dude over 30, ur not fooling any1. U never had 1!

Clay knows how to keep things light!!

Clay ended the day by making an appearance at Al Jazeera America.  Clay has been on this show many times, but this was one of the last days for the channel.  Clay chatted about the Primary election in North Carolina and also talked about the candidates. Clay posted the following selfie on his Instagram page.  It was taken from the studio as he said good-bye to his friends.

Clay and his TV appearances were covered by the press.

Entertainment Weekly

Clay Aiken calls out Trump supporters who claim to own his albums: ‘You’re not fooling anyone’

American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken knows exactly which demographics make up his fan base, and he has no shame in calling out pretend Claymates. Following numerous TV appearances to discuss his left-leaning politics, Aiken tweeted Tuesday at Donald Trump supporters who’ve claimed to denounce the “Invisible” singer due to his Democratic loyalties.

“Laughing at #Trump folks who r ‘throwing out’ my albums bc I dont support him,” Aiken wrote. “If ur a str8 dude over 30, ur not fooling any1. U never had 1.”…

…In a Huffington Post article, Aiken wrote he’s “ready for Hilary Clinton” but wishes she’d “learn from the Bern” when it comes to embracing progressive ideals. “That’s one of the many reasons I’ll cast my vote in the North Carolina primary for Bernie Sanders,” he states…

You can read the entire article at FALCONE



Clay Aiken is “ready for Hillary, Voting for Bernie

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  1. Clay loves what is he doing now with commentating his political views on TV! Thanks for posting the latest video and articles with him! His tweets are straight from the heart and he takes no bull****! from anyone. Go Clay!

  2. I did see Fox & Friends. Clay, of course, did wonderful. I wish they would have had more time.But I enjoyed the show,. Missed the other show, but I'm sure he was great there too. Thanks CANN for all your dedication to this site for all of us to cath up on everything Clay.

  3. It really saddens my heart to see my idol support a socialist and though I am not a Trump supporter to call them out as "not fooling anyone" is very sad. So now he only wants fans that think the way he does? I thought he accepted all people for what they are. I still love his voice and amazing music, but it is getting harder and harder to be a fan of the man.

    • I certainly am no expert in politics, but I really feel I need to reply to you. We are so lucky to live in the United States where each one of us has the opportunity to support whoever we want. There is no way that Clay expects his fans to follow him in his political choice, but just like you, he has the right to choose. Look at it this way…whoever he would choose, many fans will disagree. Clay is still the same person he was before the election. He is caring, smart, an advocate for special needs children and a fabulous father. So…you don't agree with his politics? It is OK to disagree…even his mom voted for Trump…and they still love each other. There are very few that are as caring as Clay and he certainly would stand for your rights to think and support whoever you want.

      • Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I am not so sure he would support my choices. Clay used to accept everyone which is one of the things I loved about him. Not so sure he does now. He has the right to choose, but so do I and his recent tweets do not sound like he feels that way anymore.

        • But thats OK…He doesn't need to support your choices, just like you don't support his. You can still be friends. I just finished listening to Clay talking with Meghan McCain who is a republican. They talked like good friends…they agreed on a few things, but disagreed on a lot…but they weren't mad at each other and they respected each others opinions. Whoever Clay supports, some of his fans will disagree, but why would it make you not like his music anymore, or think he is a horrible person. He is just the same as he was before he supported his candidate. I think it is important to respect each others decisions. Regarding the people throwing away Clay's CD's….it was a paid for campaign to make him look unpopular. He just confronted so that people would laugh at them. Good for Clay!!

    • He doesn't expect everyone to follow follow what he believes. He said his own mom was voting for Trump. Think he doesn't like her anymore. All Clay fans know how much he adores his mom. The comment about "not fooling anyone" was re: Trump fans burning his Cd's. Please re read the tweet. He does accept people for what they are.

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