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This post is coming to you from Pasadena, California.  I am here because I am attending Politicon.

It was a long day, but I loved every minute….well, almost!!  Standing in line to get in for over an hour in the 90 degree sun was a bit difficult, but we all made it in!!!

In one day I was able to see so much.  I heard Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico speak. I listened to a panel titled, Is Trump A Psychopath, and I attended a debate type setting with Ann Coulter vs. Van Jones.  Now…that’s a lot of diverse information.

But that is not all….Clay Aiken participated in two panels and I attended both of those too.  His first panel was Art Of Campaign Strategy.  He also participated in a panel titled, The State of LGBTQ Equality.  Clay was an active participant on both panels and had a lot to say.

I was attending the events with 3 other ladies who all take fabulous pictures and videos.  Their pictures are fabulous. They all three said I could share  some of the pictures with you…Thank you, ladies!!!

Art of Campaign Strategy

Art of Campaign Strategy

Ann Coulter vs. Van Jones

The State of LGBTQ Equality

Tomorrow is another busy day. There is so much happening that I am not sure what I will choose to see.

This has been an exciting event.  I have listened to people I agree with and some that I don’t…but each one has made me think and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Have a great Sunday!!

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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Entertain Democracy

  1. Dearly love all of the pictures and ar on Pllitticles! I listened to Clay yesterday on Periscope, thank you SueReu! He was articulate and gather a few laughs! Also thank you CANN for giving us the latest on Politicon.

  2. Since we all can't be at Politicon in person, thank you to CANN for keeping us informed via photos and postings. Clay is looking good and I'm sure he had a lot to say on the panel.

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