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On Monday, July 25, Clay Aiken was in Los Angeles to tape The Chelsea Handler Show.  Clay was part of a panel of 4 former Celebrity Apprentice contestants. They talked about Donald Trump.

The short segment was interesting and produced a lot of publicity.There were lots of articles written about the panel.  The articles were good, but one of my favorites was from Billboard.

Watch Clay Aiken Reluctantly Predict a Donald Trump Win: ‘A Clown President for Four Years’

Chelsea Handler organized a celebrity roundtable of former Celebrity Apprenticecontestants to discuss the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump on her Netflix talk show. The Chelsea discussion came with a potentially alarming hot take from singer/2014 Democratic congressional nominee Clay Aiken.

“This campaign for him I don’t think is about being president,” he explained. “I think it’s about having 100% name recognition, about being able to say he won, which I think he probably will do.” He pointed out how frightened he is by all this and how much he wants people to vote for Hillary Clinton… but stuck to his prediction.

This raised some eyebrows from his fellow panelists — NeNe Leakes, Khloé Kardashian and Lisa Lampanelli — so Aiken offered some very reasonable analysis”

One of the things I found interesting as I was running [was that] Republicans would come to me and say, “I’m going to vote for you just because I’m sick and tired of politicians.” And that I think is the question this year… I think that those folks who don’t like politicians are more motivated to vote. As much as it pains me to say it, I think that Hillary Clinton doesn’t inspire people enough to get folks off their asses on November 8 to go and vote.

He ended by linking the election to the United Kingdom’s recent, dubious decision to withdraw from the European Union.

“We say Hillary has no chance of losing, Trump’s never going to be President and people continue to say that and they will stay home and it’ll end up being like Brexit in England where we end Up having a clown President for four years.”

The American Idol alumni was calling on his experience from being the (losing) nominee in North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district election in 2014. Watch his whole discourse, along with NeNe, Khloé and Lisa’s first hand accounts of working with Trump in the video below: ( video was posted here on Wednesday morning)

You can see the article at Billboard.

Another excellent article was from NewNowNext

Clay Aiken On Donald Trump: “This Campaign, For Him, Is Not About Being President”

“I feel, in person, he can be very gracious and very nice,” says the former “Celebrity Apprentice” cast member.

Clay Aiken thinks Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has a little more to do with the Republican nominee’s ego than his desire to change the country.

The American Idol contestant appeared on an episode of Netflix’s Chelsea this week, alongside other past Celebrity Apprentice contestants Khloe Kardashian, Lisa Lampanelli and Nene Leakes, to discuss what their former reality-show boss is really like.

Aiken felt Trump could be gracious in person, but that he’s ultimately a narcissist, adding that he doesn’t even think his campaign has anything to do with him wanting to be the president.

“I think it’s about having 100% name recognition, about being able to say he won, which I think he will probably do,” the openly gay star confessed. “And that’s frightening to me.”

Based on his own previous experience running for office, Aiken thinks that Trump is tapping into the members of society who are anti-politician and who are looking to elect someone outside the norm.

It’s that idea that has him nervous for Democrats, as he doesn’t think Hillary Clinton will be able to inspire enough people to get out and vote.

“They will stay home and it will end up being like Brexit in England, where we end up having Donald Trump, a clown president, for four years,” he said.

Check out the Chelsea clip below to find out what the rest of the panel has to say about the polarizing politician.

The link to this article is HERE


On Thursday night, Clay posted some interesting tweets.  This one was a bit scary. I am glad he got a picture!

Clay Aiken:

drvr threatened me w/a bat b/c I took too long to get out!! Uber won’t take him off of the road! Beware NYC

Yikes!!  That has got to be scary!!

Do you use Uber?

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – In The News

  1. Thanks for the links you posted. Clay is looking good and, as usual, speaks with knowledge of the subject. Thank goodness I don't have to use Uber.

  2. Martha, I have never used Uber. I suppose we have it here in Baton Rouge, but I've never needed it.Poor Clay!!

  3. The show was great! I noticed that Chelsea talk to the others first, and then had Clay speak his mind in his very knowledgeable way His impressive way to where people listen and hopefully take warning about the upcoming election! That situation with the Uber guy was scary! Glad Clay is all right! Love that man!

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