Clay Aiken – Did You Hear Clay?

I really like twitter.  For me, it is a good way to find out information quickly and it also introduces me to topics that I want to learn more about.

On Monday afternoon, the following message was posted on Twitter:

TONIGHT: @realdonaldtrump‘s relationship with candy – we have singer & politico @ClayAiken, lawyer @JJohnsonLaw and CONCH! @JoeConchaTV

This was followed a few minutes later by the following tweet from Clay:

Getting ready to go live with on at 7pm EDT

So…Clay was on the radio Monday afternoon/evening.

Clay joined Meghan McCain in the second hour of her show.  They chatted about so many interesting topics in the news today.

There were two topics that stood out for me:

  1.  During the Presidential Debate on Monday, Clay and Meghan will be “live-tweeting” together at Meghans home.  She even said she would cook!!  I think that the tweets will be great during the 3 hour debate and I am glad they are sharing their thoughts with all of us.
  2. Clay said he had dinner with Frank Luntz last week.  I admit it…I didn’t know who he was…so maybe you don’t either.  I found out that Frank is an American political consultant, pollster, and someone who tries to influence public opinion.  Frank is often on Fox News and is asked often about the “buzz” surrounding the political world.  Frank owns the company “Luntz Global, LLS.  It  specializes in message creation and image management for political clients.

I am glad that Clay and Meghan are able to chat on the radio at least once a week.  Their chats are always interesting and, although they don’t always agree political, they respect each other and seem to have good time too.

If you missed hearing Clay and Meghan, you can hear a replay at AMERICANOW


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1 thought on “Clay Aiken – Did You Hear Clay?

  1. I've always enjoyed Clay and Meghan conversing with each other on the subject of politics!
    Even though disagree, the are such good friends. I listened to this interview already, but don't mind listening to it again!

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