Clay Aiken – A Beautiful, Romantic Song!



One of my favorite Clay Aiken songs is Something About Us.  This beautifully romantic song was written by Michael O’Brien.  Clay included this love song on his album, On My Way Here.  It was released on May 6, 2008.


CLAY AIKEN Photographer Credit: Eric Ogden/RCA Music Group

Photographer Credit: Eric Ogden/RCA Music Group




Do you like this song?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Beautiful, Romantic Song!

  1. Something About Us has always been a favorite Clay love song. He does it with such feeling. That’s a great selection of photographer pictures, the best being the 3rd one down. Really nice lighting. I have to say that the “blond days” are my least favorite of the Clay looks. Thanks so much for the pics & music video. BOLD is on tomorrow. I hope I get the morning alert again to see the live streaming. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. Belated happy birthday to your granny. Bye.

  2. I like the 3rd photo best. Something About Us has always been one of my favorites. I remember when the song came out, Obama had just won his first presidential term. There was talk of one of the celebration parties using this song with photos of the president & first lady up on a screen. Don't know if it ever happened, but it would have been terrific.

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