Clay Aiken – If The French Horns Are Playing, I’m Happy

christmas-banner-01What does the all-seeing Santa not want you to do in
“Santa Claus is Coming To Town?”

It is always a good day when there is news about Clay Aiken!

Clay started the day with some tweets.  My favorite was:


OMG. Can someone please tell me where I can find this umbrella!!

Ruben had an answer for Clay:   realrubenstuddard@clayaiken boy buy a white umbrella and throw some food coloring on it.. Simple!

Don’t you wish it was that easy??


There is a new article about Clay in Entertainer Magazine.  It is about the Christmas concert in Chandler, but also has a lot more to say>

Entertainer Magazine

The First at Coming in Second: The holidays and politics with Clay Aiken

BY Carson Mlnarik


Thirteen years ago, Clay Aiken was runner-up on “American Idol.”

In the years since, the 37-year-old has started a family, published a New York Times best-selling memoir, moved 6 million albums and sold out 11 nationwide concert tours….

…That doesn’t mean that Aiken will not enjoy his Chandler Center for the Arts gig.

“Christmas has always been my favorite show to do,” says Aiken, who toured for five years after his 2004 Christmas album.

“We often did it with a full orchestra and people are always in festive or emotional spirits when they come to a Christmas show.”

As for his favorite holiday song to perform? After much deliberation, Aiken settles on “O’ Come, O’ Come Emmanuel.”

“It’s an old, somewhat stale hymn if you open it up in the hymn book, but it’s a completely different arrangement of it that I just think is beautiful,” begins Aiken, before proclaiming his love for any orchestral arrangement with French horns.

“If the French horns are playing, I’m happy,” he says. “That triumphant horn sound just kind of does it for me.”…

I hope you will click on the link and read the entire article. It’s important that we support writers who write positive articles about Clay.

You can read the article HERE.


In the afternoon, the following tweet let us know what Clay had planned for Wednesday night!

TONIGHT we talk about @Time “Person Of The Year” @realDonaldTrump with an ALL-STAR lineup of @ClayAiken@NikkiSchwab and @JoeConchaTV

Yes…Clay was on the radio with Meghan McCain.  Clay was on the 3rd hour of the show.  He and Meghan talked about Trump and even more about the different people Trump is nominating for positions in his cabinet.  It was a lively, but informative conversation.


If you missed hearing the show, you can hear it now.  A link to the show is on Meghan’s page….HERE


A quick question…How are you doing with the Christmas questions at the beginning of the blogs?

Are they too easy or too hard???

Have a wonderful Thursday!!


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – If The French Horns Are Playing, I’m Happy

  1. First of all, love the Christmas questions! So far, I have gotten them all right. Second love Clay and Meghan together. Their broadcast is a must on the radio! Thanks CANN

  2. Hi there. Santa says you better not shout or cry lol. I think zhe questions are fun. The only thing is to have the answer somewhere in case we don’t know one.

    How cool that OMC is in EW!!! Been a long long time… Bless you for the link! But if it’s on stands now, I’ll buy lol.

  3. Nice article today. It is nice to hear from Clay. I also liked the new interview with Clay.

    I think the Christmas questions are fun. They are not too hard.

  4. I think the Christmas questions are fun.
    It is always fun to get tweets from Clay and I always try to listen to him with Meghan.
    Thank you for keeping us up in what is happening with Clay

  5. One of the girls on Instagram found out who made this umbrella. She's on FB as an artist. Her name is Shelby Keefe, under shelbykeefefineart. Watch all of his fans scramble to buy him one. Not even sure it's for sale or if she'll make another one!

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