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Tuesdays are usually quiet, but yesterday there was some exciting news that involved Clay Aiken. has an interesting feature right now.  It is fun to see Clay included.

Famous Scrubs Guest Stars

During its nine seasons, Scrubs was filled with A-list guest stars, from Ryan Reynolds to Elizabeth Banks. These are the major celeb appearances you may have forgotten about…

The list is filled with well-known stars including John Ritter, Dick Van Dyke, Courtney Cox, and Julianna Margulies.

Clay is #25 on the list.

01-31-17 Scrubs

The American Idol runner-up guest-starred on one episode as cafeteria worker Kenny. He starred in J.D.’s “sitcom fantasy” and sang in a hospital talent show. Unfortunately, in the real timeline of the show, he was fired due to budget cuts.

I know it’s been many years since Clay was on Scrubs, but it is still fun to see him on the list of great guest stars!!


On Tuesday, in the middle of the day, Meghan McCain tweeted a message along with an official notice for Premiere Networks.

From Meghan:

Sharing some bittersweet @americanowradio news – thank you for the amazing experience, it has been a privilege working with this team.

From Premiere Networks:

Los Angeles, January 31, 2017 – Premiere Networks announced today that Meghan McCain has decided to step down as host of America Now.  Her final broadcast will be today, January, 2017….

A few minutes later, Clay tweeted:

My last sit-in with my buddy happens now.

I thought it was great that Clay was chosen to be her last guest on the show.  As always, both Clay and Meghan disagreed on many points, but are polite and friendly and they listen to each other.

The last hour of the show was started with the song, Invisible.    Clay and Meghan talked about the new Supreme Court, the difficulties with the Trump administration, and both wondered if we should have more patience.  Oh, yes!!  Clay also said that he will personally give Ruth Bader Ginsberg mouth-to-mouth every day to stay on the Court….and sing to her if necessary!!!

I am sorry to see the end of this show.  I always enjoyed the conversations between Clay and Meghan.

Meghan gave many thanks to all at the end of the program.  She and Clay both said they will continue to be good friends and will probably talk on the phone tomorrow.

The show came to an end with Clay’s recording of This Is The Night!

I listened to This Is The Night at the end and realized it had been a long time since I had listened to the song.  I checked back to remember more about the song!

  •  The single was released on June 3, 2003.
  •  The single was RIAA  certified platinum on July 15, 2003.
  •  The song debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Hot 100 Single Sales Chart on June 17, 2003.
  •  The song was the fastest-selling single since Candle in the Wind by Elton John in 1997.
  •  It was the best-selling single of 2003.
  •  The song topped the charts in New Zealand where it was certified platinum.
  •  The song went six times platinum in Canada!

I thought you might want to listen to Clay sing this popular song!

What an exciting way to start a career!!!


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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Changes!

  1. Sad to hear Meghan is stepping down, wonder what is in her future? Clay and Meghan make a good team! Love the video of OMC singing his first Number One hit!

  2. So many hair styles and different looks, but Clay sounds great no matter what he wears or what he looks like. How exciting it was that his first single went platinum and was on the charts for many weeks. So sorry that Meghan will no longer be doing her show. We could always count on hearing Clay discuss the latest in politics with her.

  3. Love the video and all the different Clay looks. I haven't listened to this song for a long time.
    Thank you for posting it.
    Too bad Meghan is no longer on the radio. I enjoyed hearing Clay talk with her.

  4. im shocked that megan is stepping down from her radio show i also loved clays little sigh at the end

  5. Thanks once again for informative and fun Clay-filled blog.!

    I’m kinda surprised nobody mentioned how big a thing it is, seems to me, they played TWO of Clay’s songs on the radio show!! How cool! And very nice of Meghan, being as it was her last show.

    I did hear TITN on the piped Muzac or whatever when I was in our local market last year, and a couple of others in 2015 too. You’re right, TITN is not one that gets played often tho one of his very best and everyone who watched the AI2 finale knows it…

    BTW, I read once that our platinum, in USA, is a million copies – gold is 500K – but in Canada and UK platinum is 100,000. Canada’s population is so much smaller than ours that 600K is significant but still, not same as 6xpl here. Do you know for sure?

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