Clay Aiken – 48 Cities!

It was Monday, July 12, 2004 and it was hot in Lexington, Kentucky. But, Clay Aiken fans didn’t seem to mind. They were on their way to the Rupp Arena to see a fabulous concert by Clay Aiken.

Dubbed the Solo -Not A Tour, Clay and his ensemble of talented musicians were performing their fourth concert of the 48 city tour that ran from July 8th to October 18th.

Clay started the concert by emerging from a set of stairs that some fans lovingly called the”Mothership.” Singing The Streets Have No Name, he stunned the audience with his fabulous voice and handsome looks.

The concert tour was a huge success, but was not without some risks. Clay took some chances with this tour and made it his own.

First, there was the discussion about Clay singing You Were There. Some fans thought it was beautiful while some wondered if it was a wise move. Then there was Clay’s unique choice of outfits each night……to most, it was endearing!! Finally, it took a lot of confidence for Clay to sing Solitaire as his encore. That song is vocally one of the most difficult songs to sing. Yet, Clay had the ability to make it wonderful each night after singing an entire concert.

The “Not-A-Tour” introduced a new person to the audience. Clay seemed to be a man full of pride and joy and self-confidence. As he sang, he worked the audience and used the entire stage as his platform. His stage presence was filled with confidence, humor, charisma, emotion and passion. By the time the concert was over, the audience was totally spent. It was that good!!!

I chose 3 videos to accompany this article. They only give a taste of the tour, but they really show the talent and excitement of the tour.

Thank goodness for CLACK!!

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 48 Cities!

  1. Couldn't think of a better way to start my day off, than with Clay singing favorite songs from his 2004 tour! Thank you so much CANN! By the way, I love the look he gave to the audience near the end of "I Survived You", Oh my!

  2. What she said ^ … all of it, LOL!

    Streets With No Name was spectacular!!!

    I didn’t know the song at all until suddenly he came out of the mist at full That Voice volume; I’ll never forget it…

    Thank you for letting us relive that great tour for awhile 🙂

    P.S. All of a sudden FB isn’t recognizing me so I haven’t been able to Like last 3 CNNs – but I do, lol.

  3. You Were There remains my all time favorite Clay performance. It was in Cleveland in the Flats, with the Cleveland skyline in the background. So moving, and everyone around me agreed it was spectacular. Saw him 42 times, and this still comes to mind when I think of those days.

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