Clay Aiken – Click!!

Wait…why would that question be the title of an article on a Clay Aiken board?

It really makes sense.  You see, Clay Aiken has been using Instagram a lot recently, to post pictures and videos.  We have to be up-to-date to keep up with him!!

So…we go back to the question, What is Instagram?

According to the site, GCF –

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app for smartphones. Compared with other social networks, Instagram is relatively simple—it’s focused exclusively on sharing photos with your friends.

But, wait… Why does one need a separate app for sharing photos? Can’t you just post them on Facebook or another social network?  Of course…Instagram is  popular because it is simple to use!  Instagram focuses one thing wants to make it easy to share photos and see photos from your friends.

Another reason people like using Instagram is the filters available. Whenever you take a photo in Instagram, you can quickly apply a filter to give the photo a unique look.

Instagram is similar to Facebook or Twitter where everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and a news feed.

When you post a photo or video on Instagram, it will be displayed on your profile. Other users who follow you will see your posts in their own feed. Likewise, you’ll see posts from other users who you choose to follow.

Instagram is free on iOS and Android devices. It can also be accessed on the web from a computer, but what users can do is very limited.

Before you can start using the app, Instagram will ask you to create a free account.

You can sign up via your existing Facebook account or by email. All you need is a username and a password.
So…are you signed up for Instagram?  It’s easy and you can see what Clay posts with just a click!  If you join, you are a part of a huge group of people.

The following are some interesting numbers. Instagram has

*  600 million monthly active users

*  400 million daily active users

*  40 billion photos shared to date

*  95 million photos are uploaded per day!!

Instagram has more daily users that twitter.  I guess Clay is up-to-date on Social Media!!

So…why not give Instagram a try.  The app is free and it is easy to use.  AND…you can follow Clay Aiken and enjoy his fun pictures and videos.  I can bring over the pictures, but I cannot bring over the videos so don’t lose out!
All the pictures in this blog are from Clays Instagram account!
Below are videos…..I can only show you the picture, but if you are a member of Instagram, you could see it all!

I am looking forward to seeing you on Instagram!


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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Click!!

  1. Love all the pictures of Clay and the one of his beautiful dog "Harlem". I don't like taking selfies of myself, but of my friends and scenery, yes! I may give "Instagram" a try!

  2. I am already signed up with Instagram but haven’t been on it as often as Twitter and Facebook. If it is easier to see Clay’s posts I will go there more often. I really enjoyed the pictures. I saw the Easter post on his profile site. Thanks for alerting us to Clay’s preferences. ❤️ UNCONDITIONAL love for you Clay. Waiting for a Periscope trip.

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